Fusion Garage: Where are Joo?

It seems like Fusion Garage, the Singapore company behind the Joo Joo, Grid 10 and Grid 4, is facing some problems.

Last weekend, some websites reported that Fusion Garage’s website is down. The company’s Facebook and Twitter also seems to be unattended for weeks. Although the company’s website is now back online, something still doesn’t seems right.

Fusion Garage’s US public relations firm McGrath Power said they will no longer be representing Fusion Garage. According to McGrath Power, Fusion Garage has been uncommunicative for weeks.

The law firm representing Fusion Garage in its ongoing legal battle with TechCrunch have also abandoned them. According to Michael Arrington, law firm Quinn Emanuel is asking to withdraw as Fusion Garage’s legal representation because of non-payment of attorneys’ fees and breakdown of the attorney-client relationship.

There’s quite a number of unhappy customers at Fusion Garage’s Facebook page and the JooJoo Forum. One customer claimed to have purchased the Grid 10 more than two months ago and have yet received the device. Another claimed that he is waiting for the company to replace his faulty Grid 10.

Fusion Garage and Chandra: Where are Joo?

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