MegaUpload files may be deleted soon

The files on MegaUpload servers might be deleted even before the extradition hearing of MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom begin.

According to the US Attorney’s Office leading the prosecution, the companies hosting Megaupload data might begin deleting data on 2nd February 2012. The prosecution have searched the servers and copied selected files required for the case. They did not take the server into custody and the servers are still with the hosting companies Carpathia and Cogent.

And since MegaUpload’s assets were frozen by the US Department of Justice, they are unable to pay the hosting companies. As a result, the hosting companies have the rights to delete the data.

This seems to be bad news for the defendants. MegaUpload need to prove to the court that there are legitimate use case for their service and majority of the files on MegaUpload are legal. With the files deleted, it is going to be difficult for the lawyer to prove their case.

And this also mean bad news for those with legitimate files on MegaUpload. Looks like you can kiss your files goodbye. Hope you guys have backups.

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