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Real Escape Game in Singapore

This should be interesting. The popular Real Escape Game is coming to Singapore.

The Real Escape Game is something like those Escape the Room computer games except you are playing it in real life. You are locked in a room or location and can only get out by solving numerous puzzles and riddles within a limited amount of time. Over 100,000 participants have taken part in the Real Escape Game in Japan and China.

The Real Escape Game in Singapore Vol 1: Escape from the Mysterious Cathedral will be held at Chijmes Hall from 27 January to 29 January 2012. Ticket cost $25 if you book online now. (Or $30 if you purchase at the door) For more info, check out the website or Facebook page.

Do you think you can successfully escape from the cathedral?

Advertisement that pissed you off

I don’t know which moron at YouTube approved these advertisements. You might have seen the Gaviscon advertisement when watching videos on YouTube today. It is a video advertisement that autoplay by itself with audio turned on by default.

YES, a video advertisement (with audio) that autoplay right beside the YouTube video that you are currently watching. How the heck do I watch the video when the advertisement is playing at the same time?

1) Never auto play audio on your advertisements
2) Never auto play audio on your advertisements WHEN there is another video playing

Marina Bay Sands BASE Jump

Marina Bay Sands welcomed 2012 with 6 BASE Jumpers leaping off the SkyPark Observation Deck on 1st January.

Come to think of it, the SkyPark is quite suitable for things like BASE Jumping or even Bungee Jumping.

The Kum Conspiracy

OK, I’ve blogged about this before. But let me do it again for the sake of those who just follow my blog recently.

I suspect there is a Kum (Mandarin Oranges) Conspiracy. I always wonder why do we exchange Mandarin Oranges during Chinese New Year. I know the word Kum sounds like “Gold” in Cantonese and according to tradition, exchanging Kum signify bringing wealth to the family you are visiting. But have you ever wonder why Kum? There are so many fruits out there that have auspicious meaning too. And why exchanging Kum signify bringing wealth to the family when they also return to you the same amount of Kum in return?

Why don’t we exchange other fruits like Pineapple? Pineapple sounds like “Good Fortune Comes” in Hokkien. Wouldn’t Pineapple be a better representation of “bringing wealth”? Or why not a bun and a dumpling? Bun and dumpling in chinese is “Bao Zhong” which sounds like “Sure Win”.

Why Mandrin Oranges?

I suspect this is a conspiracy which started in ancient China. The Mandarin Oranges season is around Chinese New Year period. The Mandarin Orange Farmers wanted to earn more money and sell all the Mandarin Oranges stock. Maybe they formed a Mandarin Orange Farmer Association and started a marketing campaign to promote the exchanging of Mandarin Oranges during Chinese New Year. And maybe that’s why we exchange Mandarin Oranges instead of Pineapple.

But ok, I rather exchange Mandarin Oranges than Pineapple. Can you imagine bringing 2 Pineapple around during Chinese New Year?

And speaking of Mandarin Oranges, I think my family is the largest purchaser of Mandarin Oranges every year. My dad bought 3 boxes of Mandarin Oranges this year. That’s a total of 88 Kum. HUAT AH!

By the way, don’t take my Kum Conspiracy too seriously. It’s just a joke that I always bring up during Chinese New Year. Haha. Happy Lunar New Year to all those celebrating the spring festival. For the rest, have a good ultra long weekend.

恭喜发财!万事如意!心想事成!HUAT AAAAHHH!!!!!

US Department of Justice shut down MegaUpload

The United States Department of Justice has taken down. Founder Kim Dotcom, also known as Kim Schmitz, and 3 MegaUpload executives were arrested in Auckland, New Zealand at the request of US government under provisional arrest warrants. About 70 police, some armed, raided 10 properties and seized millions of dollars worth of assets.

Not sure if the DOJ have a case here. After all, MegaUpload is just a tool. They aren’t the ones who uploaded pirated materials on their site. It’s their users. MegaUpload might be protected by Safe Harbor.

And it is ridiculous to shut down the entire site just because people are using them for piracy. There are also legitimate files like Creative Commons and Open Source stuff on MegaUpload. Is it fair to shut down the service completely?

In response to the take down, hacker group Anonymous retaliated by attacking DOJ, RIAA, MPAA and Universal Music websites. Some of the websites were unaccessable during the attack.

Now, if only US Department of Justice spend more time and effort cracking down hackers, their site won’t be taken down today. In fact, it would be good if DOJ spend more time and effort on far more important stuff like Malware, Hacking, Identity Theft, Online Privacy etc….