Angry Birds Space

They’ve conquered your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablets, HP TouchPad, Chrome browser, Facebook and even your BlackBerry Playbook. It seems like nothing is stopping them. Not even the last frontier, Space. Yes, Rovio just announced that the 4th edition of Angry Birds will be called Angry Birds Space.

We don’t have much details about the game yet. We know that NASA and National Geographic will be the launch partner. Players will be lobbing Angry Birds on entirely new planets some with zero gravity. There will be some completely new Angry Birds along with the old classic Angry Birds, now with new special powers.

Angry Birds Space will be launched simultaneously in mobile gaming, animation, retail, and publishing on 22 March 2012. This is going to be the first time anyone did that for a mobile game. In the meantime, Rovio will continue to tease us with more sneaks peek of Angry Bird Space.

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