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Skype now available on Windows Phone 7, FINALLY

Skype is now available on Windows Phone 7. FINALLY! What took Microsoft and Skype so long?

Note that this is just a Beta version of Skype and is available to Windows Phone 7.5 users. And it would be good if your Windows Phone 7 has a front facing camera. Users can download directly from their Windows Phone or at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

I tried the Skype Beta on the Nokia Lumia 800. Since there’s no front facing camera, the other party can only see view from my rear facing camera. Everything works pretty alright. But a little buggy. Well, there’s a reason why it is still in beta.

The full version will be made available in April. Let’s hope they integrate Skype into the phone just like Facebook and Twitter.

Sony announced Xperia P and Xperia U

It’s going to take a while to get used to saying “Sony Xperia” instead of “Sony Ericsson Xperia”. In case you still don’t know, Sony and Ericsson have gone separate ways after ten years of its Sony Ericsson joint venture in the mobile phone market. Sony is taking full control of the mobile phone business while Ericsson concentrate on its other business.

Sony Mobile announced its first Xperia phone after the breakup during CES2012. The Sony Xperia S is a 4.3 inch Android phone with a 1.5GHz CPU and a 12 megapixel camera. Sony Mobile announced at MWC 2012 the Xperia S will start shipping globally now. Which means it’s a matter of weeks before we see it in Singapore. *Fingers crossed*

Sony Mobile also unveiled 2 new phone under the Xperia NXT series – Xperia P and Xperia U.

The Sony Xperia P is a 4 inch Android phone with a 1GHz CPU, 8 Megapixel camera in a full aluminium unibody design. It is the first Xperia phone to use WhiteMagic display technology from Sony. WhiteMagic technology is said to deliver the brightest viewing experience. Smart power efficiency automatically adjust the screen brightness to the surroundings to conserve battery life.

The Sony Xperia U is a 3.5 inch Android phone with a 1GHz CPU and 5 Megapixel camera.

Both Xperia P and Xperia U will be launched globally in the second quarter of this year.

Real time collaboration on Google Doc for Android

One of my favorite feature on the Google Doc is the real time collaboration. Real time collaboration allows multiple users to edit the same document at the same time. Google is bringing the real time collaboration feature to Android with the latest version of Google Docs app for Android.

Now, you can see updates in real time on your Android device as others type on their computer, tablets and phones. Collaborate anywhere, anytime.

And no, you can’t do that on your iPhone/iPad. Not yet.

Newstead Technologies launches largest Digital Style at Jurong Point

Good news to all those living in the western part of Singapore. Newstead Technologies just opened a new Digital Style store at Jurong Point last Friday. The 9,000 square feet store is the company’s largest multi-brand electronics concept store. The concept store promises a stress-free environment where shoppers can compare brands at ease and test-drive them at six solution corners: Entertainment & Media, Gaming, Home Computing, Mobile Communications, Office & Professional and Ultra Mobile & Business.

The new store is at Jurong Point #B1-92/93. If I’m not mistaken, that’s where the Harris bookstore used to be. Looks like Jurong Point is going to be a great place for IT shopping. There’s Newstead, Challenger, Nubox, CyberActive and Mega MultiMedia. Who needs to travel all the way to Funan?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

We’ve seen Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Note. Now there’s rumors that Samsung will be announcing a Galaxy Note 10.1 at the Mobile World Congress

The Galaxy Note 10.1 name first appeared on an invitation to a Samsung Developer Day at MWC. At first some people thought it might be a typo. But then the same name appeared again at some casting call for a Samsung commercial. (The posting has been removed but you can still view it on Google Cache)

And it’s no surprise if Samsung really release a 10.1 inch Galaxy Note. After all, the Samsung did say that the Galaxy Note’s S Pen would makes sense for larger screens. And since this is going to be 10.1 inch, it will most likely be a full Tablet and not a Phablet (a new category name given to devices like Galaxy Note: Phone and Tablet hybrid).

But seriously, Galaxy Note 10.1? Come on, surely you guys can come up with a better name than this.