Sun Xu punished for derogatory remarks

For those who aren’t following the case, Sun Xu (孙旭) is a NUS student from China on Ministry of Education scholarship. He posted a derogatory remark about Singaporeans on his Ren Ren site in February which caused a public outcry.

NUS Board of Discipline has taken action against Sun Xu. He is fined S$3,000 and has to fulfil three months of community service before he is allowed to graduate. He must take an additional semester and will now graduate in February next year instead of June this year. On top of that, his undergraduate scholarship benefits for the final semester have also been terminated and he has to pay back S$8,200 for his current semester’s scholarship benefits which had been disbursed.

I think the punishment is fair and justified. I know some Singaporeans feel that he was being let off too lightly. But think about it. He posted 1 derogatory remark and got a $3,000 fine, final semester scholarship benefits terminated and 3 months of community service. As much as I also wish to see him have his entire scholarship terminated and forced to repay the entire scholarship money, I think we need to draw a line somewhere and not let emotions cloud our judgement. A punishment must fits the “crime” and I think this is a fair punishment.

For those who still think this punishment is too light, may I ask where do we stop? How about we tie his hands with a rope and make him wear a big signboard over his neck that have descriptions about his crime. Then we parade him along Orchard Road and allow those who are still unhappy to throw rotten fruits and feces at him.

Come on. We are not that kind of society. And Sun Xu should count himself lucky that he is in Singapore. I’m pretty sure some part of the world still does that to people who make derogatory remarks about their people.

Having said all these, I think now is a good time for us to re-look at our foreign scholarship scheme. Why are we giving out so much scholarship to foreigners? Wouldn’t those money be better spend on local students? And how many local students are deprived of a tertiary education because of all these foreigners in our university?

It’s time to put Singaporeans first.

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  1. Kow Chai says:

    Ok now that the Sun Xu thing is closed, how about now we take a good look at ourselves in the mirror of own people’s action? Is it right for the uncle to take a hard stare at him for bumping into him when they passed one another? What’ll happened if Sun Xu himself is also a S’porean, would it make any difference if a S’porean brushed another S’porean? Would the Singapore uncle still stared at an other S’porean or pretend to looked the other way and walked away even faster because he’s afraid of being whacked by a local? Is it right for the uncle to stare at another person just because he was being bumped into? I mean after all it’s an accident. I’m sure both party didn’t do it on purpose just so they could have a staring match at one another. Is it such a big deal by being bumped into by a stranger that one can be so angry as to stared at him hard or even to go into a quarrel or a fight over it? What if that person who bumped the uncle was his friend? Would that bump be any different in this case? Would they both laugh it off after realising they’re friends. I think a word of sorry from the wrong party will suffice and the matter quickly forgotten, if there was injuries involved. I don’t think a simple bumped should escalate into WW III. If this had happened on the dance floor in one our packed disco, it will definitely erupt into a full scale gang fight! Then I can bet you that there is not only ‘more dogs’ but more casualties and maybe even death on the floor ah. Just take a look at the Orchard Tower fight between Singaporeans boys against Singaporean Uncle Ferrari la. Now, let’s choose who’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly here:- our Singapore Government who sponsored foreign scholar Sun Xu, the China national Sun Xu who’s sponsored by our Singapore Government who bumped into one of our Singaporean Uncle, the Singaporean uncle who retaliated by staring at our government’s sponsored foreign scholar Sun Xu when Sun Xu bumped into him, there after causing Sun Xu to write about there being ‘more dogs in Singapore’ in his micro-blog, the Singaporeans Gang who fought with lone Singaporean Black Ferrari Uncle at Orchard Tower, the lone Singaporean Black Ferrari Uncle who fought with the Singaporean Gang at Orchard Tower? Ok, choose now.

  2. dk says:

    Kow Chai: We do not know what really happen between Sun Xu and the uncle. Who is right and who is wrong? Nobody knows and I’m afraid we will never find out. Maybe Sun Xu was wrong to begin with?

    But let’s assume that the uncle is at fault. Is it right for Sun Xu to scold the entire nation because of one black sheep among us? Is it fair? I will never deny the fact that we have black sheep. But which country doesn’t? Which country dares to step forward and claim that all their citizens are all saints?

    And did we pick on Sun Xu just because he is a foreigner? No we don’t. How many times have we step forward and confront a fellow Singaporean for posting racist remarks on the internet? I’ve lost count. So I think it is unfair to say that we are picking on Sun Xu just because he is from PRC. We would have done the same to a Singaporean.

    I don’t understand why is the Orchard Tower incident linked to the Sun Xu issue. It’s a bunch of people fighting after an argument. It happens in all countries.

    But ONLY in Singapore do you see a foreign scholar criticizing his host country openly on the internet. AND this is something of great concern AND this is something we need to fix.

  3. Kow Chai says:

    I guessed you’re right about him shouldn’t be scolding the entire nation just because of one man staring at him. And I agree wholeheartedly that we knows not what really actually happened them two person or persons. Or why Sun Xu was so angry that he have to write what he wrote. Like you said, we may never know the answer. yes maybe Sun Xu is wrong. Or maybe the uncle was wrong. Like I said earlier, a word of sorry would suffice.

    However the case have had wide exposures and everyone who had the chance to flamed him, flamed him already, ranted at him already and/or many had recorded their displeasures about his behaviour that is long enough to be novel.

    But from what I read, mostly are antagonastic against Foreign Talent or Foreigners in Singapore and he is a Foreign Student sponsored by the Garment some even worst. But I didn’t said that our people are picking on him just because he is a foreigner ok. He is after all a foreigner. There’s a difference on saying by singling him out as a foreigner to attack him and my simply just saying that he IS a foreigner.

    As for me I have nothing against the foreigners here in Singapore neither do I like or dislike them coming in here. For this is not my decision but the Garment. And there’s nothing I can do about even if I were to protest about them coming in here.

    The problems lies with the people displeasures with the Garment for bringing or allowing Foreign Talents, Foreign Students, Foreign Workers and maids to come in here but the Garment don’t make the effort to liase with them (FT) to make their transition into our country as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Likewise the Garment has not managed the problems of Foreigners taking over our people’s jobs and buying up our houses and making the price of everything goes up, so to speak.

    But then the people should’ve taken up these mounting factors and points with the Garments so as to solve whatever that’s troubling the peoples’ hearts and minds and not vent their anger at Sun Xu when it’s not his fault in the first to be here. Certain circumstanmces brought him here. I believe if his conditions is right, he also don’t want to be here to be sponsored by the Garment la.

    If I go to his country to work or study I would also expect some form of respect and courtesy accorded to me by their citizens while I’m there and vice-versa. But if this is the case then I’m afraid to go to other people’s country to work. Why, they’ll probably hang me if I said what Sun Xu said. But I believe we’re civilised people in a civilised country. So I don’t think our people will hang him for writing what he wrote.

    For Singaporeans to announced their racists’ views out loud is their responsiblitity. Those who feel hurt by their remasrk is entitled to their rebutals. At the end of the day, it’s the Police who’ll take over the case. And the Court will mete it out their just punishments la. We can’t do anything about it. So is Sun Xu’s case. The police didn’t take over the case. The NUS took over the case and they settle the matter accordingly. Whether it is fair or not is another matter to be debated again la.

    Like I said the case is already closed as far as Sun Xu’s punishment is concerned. Since he has already being dealt with accordingly to NUS’s rules and regulations then there is nothing else we can do about it but to accept the punishment meted to him. However if there’re people who may still feel that the punishment meted out is not sufficient or harsh enough for his ‘crime against the entire nation’ then the proper authority or whoever that is still not satisfied should duly lodged an appeal against the outcome.

    Since the authority has already dealed with him then I think the matter should be buried, forgotten and like the Garment always says ‘lets moved on’. It cannot be that Sun Xu be subjected to more bombardments and abuses from other people when he was already being punished for his ‘crime’. Don’t foget his comments was done in a fit of anger. Any one could have done the same. I would to if I’s angry. Everyone’s characters is never the same what. Don’t tell me we’re suppose to go to war with China over his ludricous remarks? We should live and forgive and forget. Life is short.We’re here today, tomorrow we’re gone. Why go into a frenzy just because of his remark.

    That’s why I said we have to sit and reflect on our own action and see what is the problems here and try to think and do thing rationally not, pull out the six guns and starts blazing killing everyone in the path.

    I brough out the fight in Orchard Towers so as to compared their behaviour and Sun Xu’s behaviour to see if there’s any different between them. As far I can see, there’s no difference at all. One Gang and one lone man can cause the same detrimental effect in soceity you know. They’re all reckless in a sense what. No difference what. If we’re so adamant in condemning Sun Xu then we ought to condemned the Gang involved in the fight against Ferrari uncle too because because they’re bird of the same feather flock together.

    I’m no different what. I’ve done worst things in my life but nothing deserving the death penalty la. I’m sure you also must have commited some form of error in your life before? If not before maybe in the near future./ We wouldn’t know you know. Anything can happened in the future you know. I know people who caught snatch thieves and got commendation plaques when they’re 18 but committed crimes when they’re 50s or 60s. So its just a matter of time before they commits the same mistake Sun Xu commits – a crime, any crime. For me I take everything with a pinch of salt. You also said what, we don’t really know what really happened between them two. The how can we be so furious when we don’t who’s right or wrong. The Police wasn’t even involved but everyone got so uptight. Scary.

    Evil is the same in whatever guise they may be. One who stole $10 commits a crime. Another who stole $10,000 also commits the same crime. Only different is the amount of jail term given to each of them la!

    Like you said there’re bad apples in every soceities. I concurred. China has got 1.3 billions. India has got almost the same with China. Like that how to live in a world that is full of rotten apples. Die la like that. That means there’re bad apples in their respective countries than our tiny island ah? Singapore is no difference. As we can see from the Orchard Tower affair, Downtown East, Bukit Panjang. But I believe we’re better in this area because we’re rational, we talked reasons, we care and concerned for others welfare as well and we believed in truth and justice. Then shouldn’t we be a little bit, not much la, just a bit forgiving to Sun Xu for his error in judgement?

    So isn’t it true that we can learn something from this small episode and do something about it so that in future this kind of thing don’t happen again in our fragile country, whether be it from a foreigner or our own citizens. Like you’ve said this is something of great concern AND it’s something we need to fix. Hoe come everything you said I again agree with you on this. I also reiterated the same earlier that the people should bring their concern to the Garment and not to Sun Xu.

    Thank you for your response. I hope I didn’t offence you or anyone with my opinions. If I did said something offensive, I must apologize in advance before I also kena flamed afterward. I’ve never commented anything before. I only recently tried to give comments here and there, so I may have broken some rules about commenting. Please forgive me.

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