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Instagram for Android coming soon

It seems like we are getting closer and closer to the Instagram for Android launch date. The company just unveiled a registration page for the Android users.

Still no official launch date for the app yet. But at least we are one step closer.

Angry Birds Space takes off

Houston, we have liftoff. Angry Birds is conquering the final frontier, Space.

Yes, Angry Birds Space is here!

So the Angry Birds are sucked into a wormhole and everyone gets a futuristic outfit. There’s a new Ice Bird in the game. The game is still almost the same. You use a slingshot to shoot the Angry Birds at the evil pigs.

Except this time, the Angry Birds are in space. There is no gravity and the Angry Birds fly in a straight line unless they are near a large mass. The physics behind this is pretty interesting.

Angry Birds Space is now available on iOS, Android, MacOS and PC.

Is human bird wings flight possible?

Is it ever possible for human to flap our wings and fly? Well, Jarno Smeets from Human Bird Wings tried and posted a Youtube recently.

But hold on. There is a online discussion ongoing now saying that this might be a hoax.

If you ask me, I think this is an elaborate hoax. They really put in lots of effort in it. As much as I wish this is real, it just doesn’t seems possible for human to fly with such a small wing. Just check out this video of a real Ornithopters. If they need such a big wings to fly, I don’t think the human bird wings is possible.

And the wing flapping looks weird. Doesn’t seems to have enough lift.

Oh, and Wired also uncovered that the guy’s LinkedIn profile is fake.

I guess we will just sit around and wait for the company behind this viral campaign to own up.

Update: OK, it is confirmed fake. The person behind this is a Dutch CGI artist. He claims that this is part of a “online storytelling”. Bravo. You managed to fool some people. So what point are you trying to prove?

Smoked by Windows Phone Singapore Edition – Results

Remember the Windows Phone $100 Challenge during the recent IT Show? Well, here’s the results!

38 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. Pretty impressive results. Not surprised actually since we’ve already seen what happen in the US during CES2012.

Challenge includes tasks like updating Facebook and Twitter profiles ending with hashtag #SmokedbyWindowsPhone, taking a picture of a poster and uploading it to Facebook and Twitter accounts and taking a picture and tagging yourself and posting it on Facebook.

For the 3 draws, the 3 challengers were using iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Note and a BlackBerry (which unfortunately, they forgot to note down the model number)

For the 3 losses, 2 of the challengers were using iPhone 4 while the other is using a BlackBerry Curve.

Second Generation Sony Google TV

I was at a Sony media event yesterday where the company talked about connectivity and their “four screen strategy”. There’s also lots of Sony products at the event like Xperia phones, VAIO laptops, Tablets and BRAVIA TV. There’s so much toys that I think we can spend the entire day at the venue.

And then we spotted this interesting little set top box sitting quietly at a corner.

Yeap, that’s the Second Generation Sony Google TV that was unveiled during CES2012.

The remote control has buttons on both side. One side is the keyboard and the other side is the usual D-pad, Back, Menu, Home buttons with a small trackpad for mouse control.

I didn’t get to play with the interface. But we saw that it has Google play store.

We don’t have much information about the new Google TV yet. It’s still prototype. But the fact that it showed up at a Singapore Sony media event might be hints that it will be available in Singapore when launched. OK, let’s keep our fingers crossed.