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What’s wrong with The Phantom Menace Lightsaber fight scene?

What’s wrong with Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace Lightsaber fight scene?

Damn you! Why must you ruin the best Lightsaber fight scene ever?

Phone Stacking Game

Here’s a game you might want to consider during your next dinner gathering. Especially when you are meeting a group of friends who can’t stop Facebooking, Tweeting or using their phones.

The rule is simple. Everyone put their mobile phones in the middle of the table at the start. (There’s no need to stack the phones.) Nobody is supposed to use their phone throughout the entire meal. Let the phone ring or notification alerts come in. Whoever gives in to temptation and reach out for their mobile phone will pay the bills.

It’s a pretty fun game. In the end, everyone will have a great time talking to the person at the dinner table than someone online. And it’s also fun to try to con your friend into using the phone and end up paying the bills.

Try it during your next gathering and tell me how it goes.

Apple increase iOS 3G download limit to 50mb

Oh, I didn’t notice that Apple increased the iOS 3G download limit to 50mb recently. Cool! This is a huge bump from the previous 20mb limit.

If you have been following my blog long enough, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of the 3G download limit. I always feel that there shouldn’t be a limit for such a thing. Yes, I know I can always jailbreak my iOS devices to break free from the limit. But I’m just lazy to jailbreak my phone. And I believe I should be allowed to do anything I want without jailbreaking.

Well, at least the limit is now set at 50mb. Most apps and podcasts are smaller than 50mb. And if there’s anything that is greater than 50mb, there’s always my trusty 3G Wifi router.

Instaprint – Instant photo booth for Instagram

Remember the photo booth for Instagram? Back in September last year when I blogged about it, there is no way for us to buy/rent the Instaprint. Well, the folks behind the Instaprint are now on Kickstarter to get funding to mass produce this great party tool.

For the uninitiated, Instaprint is a location based photo printer that constantly scan Instagram for a preset location or hashtag and prints the photo automatically. Just hang the Instaprint on the wall or put it on a table and see your party guests go wild over it.

The new Instaprint also allows daisy chaining. Great if you have several hashtags at a party. Several Instaprint machine can share one power source and WIFI connection.

The only drawback is the cost of the paper. 30 sheets of paper is expected to cost around $10 – $12. While the Instaprint is going to be a hit at your party, it will also hit your wallet badly if you have a group of trigger happy guests.

But if you want to have the Instaprint at your next party, hop over to the Kickstarter page now. A $399 pledge will get you a Instaprint for your next Instagram party.

Free 90 days Norton Mobile Security for Samsung Galaxy phones

Good news to all Samsung Galaxy phone users (Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy W etc etc). Samsung is giving away a complimentary 90 days subscription of Norton Mobile Security to Samsung GALAXY users through Samsung Apps.

Norton Mobile Security combines anti-theft features with powerful anti-malware to protect user’s important data from loss, theft, viruses and other threats. It includes features like Remote Locate, Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, Anti-malware, SD Card Scanning and Automatic LiveUpdate.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Phone, head down to Samsung Apps to download and try Norton Mobile Security for 90 days, free of charge. And if you love it, 1 year subscription to Norton Mobile Security cost $29.99.