Google Project Glass

We knew Google has been working on an augmented reality glasses for some time. The company recently started a Google Plus page called Project Glass.

Google is now trying to get suggestions and opinion from the public on how they will use the Glasses.

I think it is great. I love wearable technology and I think it is the way to go in the future. But I’m not a fan of using voice control. Anyone who tried using Siri in a noisy cafe will know why voice control is a bad idea. It would be great if the Glasses has some physical control at the side or accept visual input from our fingers. Or maybe connects to our smartphone for text input.
Nevertheless, I’m excited about this.
And it seems like we are not far from seeing this becoming reality. Robert Scoble recently spotted Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing the Google Glasses at a charity event.

A well calculated publicity stunt. But nobody is complaining. Hmmm…. I wonder what is he seeing on the screen.

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