Facebook acquires Instagram for $1billion

WOW! This comes as a shocker. Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook Status that they are acquiring Instagram. According to the press release, the transaction is approximately $1 billion in a combination of cash and shares of Facebook.

It is interesting to note that Instagram was launched in October 2010 and has a small team of around 10 employees. It has over 30 million users on iOS and just launched the Android version recently.

This is the first time (and perhaps the only time) that Facebook acquires a social network with large amount of users. It is going to be a challenge for both the Facebook and Instagram team to integrate the product. And I guess this will be the biggest worry for all Instagram fans. What will happen to Instagram? Will it be completely integrated into Facebook? Will we be seeing lots of photos on Facebook with filters from now on? Only time will tell. Let’s hope Facebook don’t ruin Instagram like what Yahoo! did to Delicious.

PS: Actually I kinda hate Instagram when it first started because in my opinion the filters ruins a lot of good photos. But after a while I find myself using Instagram more frequently and care less about the filters ruining good photos.

2 Responses to 'Facebook acquires Instagram for $1billion'

  1. Carmen says:

    It was my first time to hear the Instagram. Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable article. This Instagram sounds interesting, I think I could used this in my facebook page.
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  2. Libeth says:

    That would be great! Facebook users will surely be happy having the instagram features in Facebook. Thank you for sharing this news.

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