Do not call the Police/SCDF when you feel the tremors

OK, I’ve blogged about this topic once but I’ll do it again.

According to the Singapore Police Force’s Facebook page, the Police and SCDF received 38 calls from the public reporting of tremors.

The question is, why did these 38 people call the Police and SCDF? Are they injured during the tremors? Are they being robbed? Is tremors considered an emergency? What can the Police or SCDF do when there are tremors? Honestly speaking, they can’t do anything. So no point reporting that there is tremors.

Please, unless you are injured, robbed or require Police/SCDF assistance, stay off the emergency hotlines. Free the hotlines for people who really have an emergency during the tremors.

If you are worried about your building’s structural integrity, call your building management, Housing & Development Board or Building & Construction Authority. Do not call the Police or SCDF.

HDB Emergency Service Hotline: 1800- 325 8888, 1800-6275 5555, or 1800-6354 3333
Building & Construction Authority: 6325 7191 or 6325 7393

Please help spread the words. Stop calling the Police or SCDF when there is tremors unless you really have an emergency.

2 Responses to 'Do not call the Police/SCDF when you feel the tremors'

  1. NTT says:

    Instead, if you’re yearning to report (or show off) that you felt the tremors, why not report it to USGS. That’d help them gather more data about the quake.

  2. dk says:

    NTT: Interesting. Didn’t know they do that. :)

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