Help Alvin get into school

OK, I don’t know who is Alvin Wang. But I’m sure a lot of Polytechnic students out there can relate to his current situation.

After graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma (with Merit) in Information Technology two years ago, Alvin Wang tried to apply for admission to Computer Science at National University of Singapore. But his application was rejected. (Strange. I thought Merit holder won’t have problem getting into local University) Every year, only a small percentage of Polytechnic students are admitted into local University. Sad but true. Sometimes I think there are more foreigners in our local University than Singaporeans.

But Alvin didn’t give up. Instead of going oversea to study or take up part time degree like what most Polytechnic students would have done, he setup a website to garner support. It’s call “Help Alvin Get Into School“.

Come on NUS! Give Alvin a chance. Look at his credentials. He has been creating applications using Java, C#, Visual Basic, Javascript. He also self-taught design interfaces in Photoshop, web standards in HTML, CSS, PHP since 13 years old. He is now doing iOS development with Objective-C. He even did a game for Microsoft Surface using C#.

We’ve seen people doing something similar in the past to get their dream job. This is perhaps the first time someone tried this in Singapore. I hope it really work out well for him.

PS: I was in almost the same situation as Alvin 10 years ago. I graduated from the same course as Alvin and couldn’t get into NUS Computer Science. Looking back, I wish I did something similar 10 years ago.

Update: According to TodayOnline, Alvin was offered a course in Information Systems at NUS.

5 Responses to 'Help Alvin get into school'

  1. Lester Chan says:

    My prof is looking into his case. Someone tag him in Facebook to my Prof lol
    Lester Chan´s last blog post ..Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

  2. lariane says:

    Thanks for sharing such interesting post..Count me on..
    lariane´s last blog post ..How to Make a Solar Panel

  3. Any says:

    this is common stop whining…nus are top students from jc or overseas! This is real system of how education works

  4. dk says:

    Any: That is so wrong. I’ve seen lots of Polytechinc students that perform better than JC and foreigners.

  5. chinleng says:

    So all along Alvin was offered a place in NUS. He is just appealing coz he doesn’t like the course he was given. Oh, come on! Why didn’t he reveal that fact from the start? Make people think that he was rejected a place in NUS!
    chinleng´s last blog post ..Like Father, Like Son

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