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Vote for Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star 2012

Oops. I hope this is not too late. OK, today is 23 April. Closing is on 25 April. STILL GOT TIME!

It is now down to the final 10. Who will be Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star 2012? Who will walk away with $10,000 worth of cash and prizes? Who will travel to 4 countries to review 12 unique hotels for new YouTube channel?

Head down to Facebook page to vote now. You won’t get to travel to 4 countries and review 12 unique hotels, but you stand a chance to win a 2 night stay at a hotel of your choice. So hurry, go vote for your favorite team now! Voting close on 25 April 2012.

Samsung set up The Next Galaxy website to tease us further

We all know that Samsung will be unveiling highly anticipated next generation Galaxy S smartphone on 3rd May 2012 in London. There has been several leaks rumors and some prototypes photos circulating on the blogosphere.

And if that is not enough, Samsung decided to create a microsite to tease us further. Head down to to get teased. (tgeltaayehxnx is an anagram for “The Next Galaxy”.)

The website is counting down to today 7pm (Singapore time) instead of the phone launch date. Hmmmmm….. I don’t think we will get to see the whole phone at 7pm. Maybe just more sneak peeks to get us excited about 3rd May. We will find out soon.

Make the switch to Philips LED myVision

Since today is Earth Day, let’s talk about some energy saving stuff. Philips recently announced the next generation of its Light Emitting Diode (LED), the Philips LED myVision range of light bulbs.

The LED myVision resemble a traditional frosted light bulb and fits easily into existing lamps with screw or bayonet cap sockets without the need for rewiring. This makes transition to the energy saving LED bulbs easy. LED lighting solutions contribute to significant energy savings. A 6W LED light bulb emits light with an output similar to a standard 40W incandescent bulb. The LED light bulb is also available in 9W and 9.5W that is similar in light output to a standard 60W incandescent bulb. The bulbs last approximately up to 15 years, while consuming less energy and effectively paying for themselves in 18 months.

To encourage Singaporeans to make the switch to LED bulbs, Philips is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase the LED myVision light bulbs between 26 April and 1 July 2012. Philips has also created an LED calculator on its Singapore website to help consumers discover how much they can save when they switch from the traditional incandescent bulbs.

So if you are still using the old light bulbs, why not make the switch on Earth Day and do your part for the environment.

Help Alvin get into school

OK, I don’t know who is Alvin Wang. But I’m sure a lot of Polytechnic students out there can relate to his current situation.

After graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma (with Merit) in Information Technology two years ago, Alvin Wang tried to apply for admission to Computer Science at National University of Singapore. But his application was rejected. (Strange. I thought Merit holder won’t have problem getting into local University) Every year, only a small percentage of Polytechnic students are admitted into local University. Sad but true. Sometimes I think there are more foreigners in our local University than Singaporeans.

But Alvin didn’t give up. Instead of going oversea to study or take up part time degree like what most Polytechnic students would have done, he setup a website to garner support. It’s call “Help Alvin Get Into School“.

Come on NUS! Give Alvin a chance. Look at his credentials. He has been creating applications using Java, C#, Visual Basic, Javascript. He also self-taught design interfaces in Photoshop, web standards in HTML, CSS, PHP since 13 years old. He is now doing iOS development with Objective-C. He even did a game for Microsoft Surface using C#.

We’ve seen people doing something similar in the past to get their dream job. This is perhaps the first time someone tried this in Singapore. I hope it really work out well for him.

PS: I was in almost the same situation as Alvin 10 years ago. I graduated from the same course as Alvin and couldn’t get into NUS Computer Science. Looking back, I wish I did something similar 10 years ago.

Update: According to TodayOnline, Alvin was offered a course in Information Systems at NUS.

Draw Something gets updated with chat, share and save features

Few weeks after being acquired by Zynga, OMGPOP released a new update for their successful Draw Something with some neat features.

The much requested save feature is finally here. You can have the option to save your drawing into your phone’s photos album. Great for keeping those awesome drawing.

You can now send a message to your friend after solving their drawing or after you drew something for them. Maybe give them a few hints in wordings. Or apologise for the lousy drawing. Haha.

You can also share your drawing on your Facebook or Twitter. This is great except it would ruin the fun if your friend sees your Facebook or Twitter update first before solving your drawing.