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BlackBerry 7.1 OS now available for BlackBerry Bold 9900

Good news for all Singapore BlackBerry Bold 9900 owners. The latest BlackBerry 7.1 OS is now available for Singapore Bold 9900 users.

To upgrade, simply go to or the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. The update is available for free.

The BlackBerry 7.1 OS incorporates a new feature called BlackBerry Tag that allows users to exchange contact info, documents, URLs, photos and other multimedia content simply by tapping on another NFC enabled BlackBerry smartphone. It can also pair with an NFC enabled Bluetooth device.

BlackBerry 7.1 OS comes with a new Battery Saving Mode which allows users the option to have their smartphone settings automatically adjusted when the battery power reaches a level pre-defined by the user. BlackBerry 7.1 OS also allows users to turn their Bold 9900 into a mobile hotspot.

Go upgrade your Bold 9900 now.

Funny AirAsia Aircraft Safety Demonstration

Check out this funny Aircraft Safety Demonstration by AirAsia.

According to some reports, this is not the official Aircraft Safety Demonstration from AirAsia. The flight attendant was trying to be creative. Let’s hope he doesn’t get into trouble from the company. After all, its quite entertaining and certainly captures everyone’s attention. Good job. In fact, AirAsia should even consider implementing this on all their flights.

PS: But the best Aircraft Safety Demonstration award still goes to Cebu Pacific Air (for the obvious reason)

Read It Later renames as Pocket

Here’s a secret. (OK, not really a secret) I’ve been using Read It Later to mark stuff to read later. It’s a great tool for procrastinator like me. Read It Later allows you to mark a website for later reading on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Read It Later just announced recently that they are renaming themselves as Pocket. The user interface has been revamped to a much prettier skin. Looks kinda like Flipboard now.

I’m actually loving the new interface since I’m a huge fan of flipboard. But why change your name as Pocket? I love the name “Read It Later”.

You can register for Pocket at Get the app on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle too.

PS: now redirects you to the new URL.

HTC ONE is all I need challenge 2012

Do you remember The Ultimate “All I Need Is My Desire!” Glass House Challenge by HTC last year at VivoCity? Well, the challenge is back! But instead of the Desire, all you need this year is the HTC One.

The HTC ONE Is All I Need Challenge 2012 is looking for 25 participants to spend 3 days 2 night in a Glass House at Marina Square Central Atrium. During this period, participants compete against each other in a series of challenges to win the grand prize of $5,000 cash, HTC ONE X and a Beats Solo Headset.

If you are interested, head down to the website to submit your registration. Closing date is 20th April 2012.

The HTC ONE is all I need challenge 2012 will be happening from 27 April to the 29th April 2012. Activities will happen from 9am to 9pm daily. If you are around Marina Square Central Atrium, do visit the Glass House and give the participants some encouragements.

Imagine playing Battlefield on Google Glasses

Love all the spoof of the Google Glasses video that is going around. Here’s a good one about playing Battlefield on the Google Glasses.

What do you think? Do you think augmented reality gaming will ever become possible?