Additional Avengers end credits scene added to US theater

Warning: Spoiler ahead.

An additional end credits scene was added to the US version of The Avengers. For the international audience, we saw Thanos, the Bringer of Death, in the end credits scene. US cinema goers will see this as a “mid end credit scene. An additional end credits scene has been added at the end.

Actually, the international audience didn’t miss much. The additional end credits scene just show the Avengers sitting quietly in a battle torn shop eating shawarma for roughly a minute. They didn’t say a word. Just sitting there eating shawarma. Haha.

This is actually referencing to a scene at the end of the final battle. After waking up from unconsciousness, Tony Stark jokes about wanting to try out a Shawarma joint two block down the road.

This additional scene is only available in the US. Don’t think we get it in Singapore. But hey, we already got Thanos.

3 Responses to 'Additional Avengers end credits scene added to US theater'

  1. howard says:

    i want shawarma now.

  2. Jim says:

    That 45 seconds or so of sitting there, looking around in a food coma, was some of the best acting I think I’ve seen in a while. I can’t imagine how they kept their cool for that long without cracking up. Loved it!

  3. Bernard says:

    My wife and I CRACKED UP when we saw this hilariously dialogue-less scene! Here are the Avengers (sans Nick Fury), sitting around in a silent, satiated daze, like six college students or twentysomethings at an all-night diner at 4:00 a.m. after a HARD night of partying and clubbing! We’ve all been there. We totally loved it! Tony finally got his shawarma! (And it’s put me TOTALLY in the mood for scoring some shawarma myself!)

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