Diablo 3 is here

FYI: I haven’t been updating my blog lately cause I was busy with work and other random stuff. Which explains why this blog entry is delayed. It’s not because I started playing Diablo 3.

And it is here. The highly anticipated Diablo 3 is finally launched. In Singapore, Diablo was launched yesterday (15 May 2012) 3pm at Funan. Well, that’s the place for all major game launch. And like all major game launches, the queue is insane.

And guess what? It seems like some people have already completed the game. It was reported that a group of Korean gamers managed to finish the game within 7 hours after launch. POWER! South Koreans are indeed the best gamers in the world. But can’t help wonder what’s the fun of rushing through the game after waiting for 12 years.

Anyway, for those who purchased Diablo 3, I guess I won’t be seeing you guys around for the next couple of months. Have fun. To all the Diablo Widows, I’m always available for a cup for Starbucks.

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  1. Thomas says:

    I totally agree. I’ll never understand why people feel they need to finish a game or reach the top level as fast as possible. I like to enjoy my games. LOL

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