The difference between PAP and WP supporters

I did something very kaypo last Thursday. I went all the way to Hougang to check out the Hougang By Election Rally. I stay in Jurong but I’m sure I’m not the only person from outside Jurong to attend the Rally. And since I travelled all the way to Hougang, I decided to attend both PAP and WP rallies. And I must say that the 2 rallies are very different.

There’s the photo of both rallies.

Those who are unfamiliar with Singapore political scene might think that the first photo is from the People’s Action Party’s rally. After all, if you are the ruling party, you should have more supporters at your rally. Right? Well, you are wrong. The first photo is the Workers’ Party rally while the second photo is the People’s Action Party rally.

I always wonder where are the 60.1% PAP supporters from the last election.

The PAP and WP rallies are world apart. PAP rally is orderly and well organized. Most people are seated and you see volunteers giving out noise makers and signboards for the supporters to use while cheering. OK, they managed to fill up 3/4 of the stadium seats. But that’s still very little compared to WP’s supporters.

WP’s rally is messy. People just stand or sit anywhere they like. Some people brought their own signboard, while others brought musical instruments and noise makers. It’s like a party. There is a small WP booth that sells their party flag and umbrella which are quickly snapped up by supporters. There’s even a mini pasar malam happening at one corner with several makeshift store selling food, drinks and ice cream.

And the same thing was reflected last night during the results announcement. Both PAP and WP didn’t apply for assembly area for the supporters. PAP had a mini gathering at their Hougang Branch HQ. Seated in neat rows and carrying the same well made signboard.

The WP supporters simply gathered at the Kopitiam at Blk 322 Hougang Ave 5. It was an unofficial gathering place. I wasn’t there, but from the YouTube video and pictures, the atmosphere seems to be the same as their rally. This video of the result announcement says it all.

For a moment you thought Singapore won the World Cup or an Olympic Gold Medal.

I can’t find much photos or videos of the PAP’s gathering. Maybe because it is a small and private event. But here’s an embarrassing video I found online.

The poor uncle seems to be forced to carry the signboard higher. Seriously? Just compare that with the WP supporters. Nobody care how you hold the signboard. You can hold it up high or close to your heart. You can wave it or hold it straight. It doesn’t matter. Nobody will dictate how you should hold the signboard.

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  1. ssumin says:

    You’re right – really sad video with random hand popping up to lift the sign higher…

  2. Alan Wong says:

    The WP’s supporters victory video @ Hougang is overwhelming touching. I really don’t know what to say.

    In fact it is quite precious & priceless piece of promotional video for future use in election campaigns for WP.

    Keep it up, WP. Please consider contesting other constituencies to give PAP a run for their money

  3. WL says:

    You are being polite in using “orderly and well organised”. I would use “controlled”. And that is the problem with PAP – everything needs to be controlled, even an old man holding a sign!

  4. cloudywind says:

    Some people lead a carefree life and speak their hearts. Some have to live a life of regulations and be instructed of what to/not to say.

    And sadly, gahmen seems to prefer us to lead the life of the latter.
    cloudywind´s last blog post ..White-chans Go Tour Liaoz comics #2

  5. Joe says:

    Successful but lacks conviction(support) on the PAP side. Like after a heavy meal, your stomach is full but you just feel unhealthy.

  6. Dennis says:

    The difference is simply one word: PASSION. If you really feel very much about something and it is not just going through the motions, it will all show in your expressions. This is something that cannot be faked. In recent years, have we seen the supporters of PAP ever trouble themselves to drive to the other half of the country to celebrate an election win?

    Back in the fifties and early sixties, you would have seen the same passion in the PAP supporters especially from the workers and the Chinese middle school students. I can tell you from my anecdotal experience that many people who supported the PAP in those days are now hardcore WP supporters, yes all the uncles and aunties with their walking sticks at the WP rallies.

    What has happened to the PAP now? Will their present supporters and grassroots volunteers be there if all the perks such as free parking, free meals, free transport to election rallies are withdrawn? The PAP should reflect where have they gone wrong over the years. If they don’t start thinking out of the box and abandon their sacred cows, they are doomed to go into opposition sooner then they even think.

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