Rotary Club of Singapore donation was non political?

I wonder if the President of Rotary Club of Singapore think that Singaporeans are morons. Who will actually believe that your $100,000 donation to PAP Desmond Choo’s toilet upgrading program is non political?

Firstly, the donation was announced 2 days before the Hougang By Election. The donation given to the PAP candidate for Hougang By Election and was announced by the PAP candidate during the By Election. And the donation only benefit Hougang SMC and not the whole of Singapore.

Tell me, how is this not with political intention? By doing this, Rotary Club of Singapore is indirectly supporting the PAP Candidate for Hougang during the By Election period. Who knows, maybe this donation managed to swing the 2.7% to the PAP camp.

If the donation is non political, why was it announced during the By Election period? Why is it restricted to just Hougang resident? Why is the donation given to a program managed by a politician? Why isn’t the donation given to a NGO instead?

And since when is Rotary Club allowed to take part in political activity? Isn’t it supposed to be non-partisan? Perhaps Rotary International should look into this.

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