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Review: Logitech Mini Boombox

When Logitech wanted to send me the Mini Boombox for review, I was kinda skeptical. But after trying out for a couple of weeks, I must say that its pretty good for something this small.

The Logitech Mini Boombox is a portable Bluetooth speaker that weighs just 229 grams. It has a internal battery which is able to last up to 10 hours. It uses a MiniUSB port to charge the battery. If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can still connect using the Aux port. Unfortunately, the aux cables aren’t provided in the package.

Pairing the Mini Boombox with your Bluetooth device is pretty simple and straight forward. Just press and hold the Bluetooth/Phone button for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. I paired it with my iPhone 4S without any problem. Sound quality is pretty good for something of this size. The Mini Boombox is able to get pretty loud but like most mini speakers, the sound quality starts to degrade when you reach maximum volume. I usually set it to roughly 80% volume which is pretty loud and doesn’t affect sound quality. Besides music, I notice that the Logitech Mini Boombox is pretty good for listening to podcast or audio ebooks.

You can also use the Logitech Mini Boombox as a speaker phone with the built in microphone.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the touch sensitive buttons. I would prefer physical buttons. But I guess the lighted touch sensitive buttons looks nicer.

But I’m kinda disappointed that Logitech did not include a carrying case for the Mini Boombox. Most people would want to carry the Mini Boombox around and it would be good to have a carry case to protect it from scratches.

The Logitech Mini Boombox is available at Challenger outlets, iStudio, Epicentre and all authorised Logitech resellers at a suggested retail price of S$109.

Happy 20th Birthday Golden Village

Happy 20th Birthday Golden Village.

GV Yishun, Singapore’s first 10-screen multiplex, open its door on 28 May 1992. It’s been 20 years already. Wow. Today, Golden Village operates 10 multiplexes, housing 81 screens island-wide. The 11th multiplex at City Square will be opening by end of this year.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Golden Village, invited the entourage of movie icons to its birthday celebration held at GV VivoCity.

Organisers explained that the mascots opted to use the MRT train service to ‘avoid the rush hour traffic’. Luckily the trains didn’t breakdown.

Besides inviting movie icons to town, Golden Village will also kick off a month long celebration with attractive weekly promotions and lucky draw to thank movie patrons.

The difference between PAP and WP supporters

I did something very kaypo last Thursday. I went all the way to Hougang to check out the Hougang By Election Rally. I stay in Jurong but I’m sure I’m not the only person from outside Jurong to attend the Rally. And since I travelled all the way to Hougang, I decided to attend both PAP and WP rallies. And I must say that the 2 rallies are very different.

There’s the photo of both rallies.

Those who are unfamiliar with Singapore political scene might think that the first photo is from the People’s Action Party’s rally. After all, if you are the ruling party, you should have more supporters at your rally. Right? Well, you are wrong. The first photo is the Workers’ Party rally while the second photo is the People’s Action Party rally.

I always wonder where are the 60.1% PAP supporters from the last election.

The PAP and WP rallies are world apart. PAP rally is orderly and well organized. Most people are seated and you see volunteers giving out noise makers and signboards for the supporters to use while cheering. OK, they managed to fill up 3/4 of the stadium seats. But that’s still very little compared to WP’s supporters.

WP’s rally is messy. People just stand or sit anywhere they like. Some people brought their own signboard, while others brought musical instruments and noise makers. It’s like a party. There is a small WP booth that sells their party flag and umbrella which are quickly snapped up by supporters. There’s even a mini pasar malam happening at one corner with several makeshift store selling food, drinks and ice cream.

And the same thing was reflected last night during the results announcement. Both PAP and WP didn’t apply for assembly area for the supporters. PAP had a mini gathering at their Hougang Branch HQ. Seated in neat rows and carrying the same well made signboard.

The WP supporters simply gathered at the Kopitiam at Blk 322 Hougang Ave 5. It was an unofficial gathering place. I wasn’t there, but from the YouTube video and pictures, the atmosphere seems to be the same as their rally. This video of the result announcement says it all.

For a moment you thought Singapore won the World Cup or an Olympic Gold Medal.

I can’t find much photos or videos of the PAP’s gathering. Maybe because it is a small and private event. But here’s an embarrassing video I found online.

The poor uncle seems to be forced to carry the signboard higher. Seriously? Just compare that with the WP supporters. Nobody care how you hold the signboard. You can hold it up high or close to your heart. You can wave it or hold it straight. It doesn’t matter. Nobody will dictate how you should hold the signboard.

The day after Hougang By Election

OK, Workers’ Party won the Hougang By Election with a 62.1% margin. That’s 2.7% lesser than 2011 General Election. Depending on which analyst you read, some might say this is a sign that what PAP has been doing in Hougang last year is showing some success. Honestly, that’s bullshit.

Let’s all take a look at what happened since 2011 General Election. Soon after the Election, WP’s treasurer Eric Tan resigned from the party because the party chosen Gerald Giam as NCMP instead of him. Some Workers’ Party MP were accused of plagiarism in their parliament speech and Facebook posting. The expulsion of Yaw Shin Leong over lack of accountability on his extramarital affair allegations. Just before nomination day, a WP member applied for a Political Donation Certificate without the knowledge of the party. And during the election, confidential minutes of the WP CEC meeting were leaked to the media. There might be more dirt on Workers’ Party which I missed. But you get the point.

And after all these internal problem within the Workers’ Party, People’s Action Party’s candidate only managed to increase his margin by 2.7%. Most people expect PAP to get a better margin. This goes to show that the changes that PAP introduced since last General Election has little or no impact to the voters’ sentiments. It also shows that the WP supporters still have faith in the party despite all the setbacks and issues.

And FYI, Desmond Choo garnered 8,065 votes in GE2011 and 8,210 votes in the By Election. That’s just a 145 votes increase. OK, the turnout for the By Election is 1,225 lesser than the previous General Election.

In my opinion, the “shift in votes” are insignificant. PAP should have done better. It’s kinda embarrassing that they didn’t secure a bigger margin.

But Workers’ Party shouldn’t be too happy about the win. It has been a rough year for WP. Low Thia Khiang is right, every political party will face obstacles and challenges. Although the voters continue to support WP despite all these issue, the party shouldn’t take the people’s support for granted. If Workers’ Party wants to take up bigger role and responsibility in Singapore political scene, it needs to tidy up the party first.

As for the People’s Action Party, it seems that nothing much has changed since last election. Some analyst said that this By Election is a referendum on the government’s recent reforms. If that is really the case, then it seems like the voters of Hougang has given the PAP a F9 grade.

Army Open House 2012

Wondering what to do this weekend? Well, the Army Open House 2012 is happening on 26 to 27 May 2012. Don’t worry. It’s not at some ulu Army Camp at the corner of Singapore this year. For the first time, the Army Open House is happening in the city, at the F1 Pit Building next to the Singapore Flyers. Getting to the Army Open House is easy.

I had a sneak preview of the Army Open House on Tuesday. (Sorry for the late blog post.)

If you are traveling by train, alight at Promenade MRT station and take a short walk. You can also take bus number 56, 75, 77, 97, 111, 171, 197 or 960. If you are driving, you can try parking at Marina Square or Suntec City.
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