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Skydiving with Google Glasses

It’s Google I/O and as expected, Google showed us more use case for the Google Glasses. The Googlers went skydiving with the Google Glasses.

During the Google I/O, Google co-founder Sergey Brin did a live demo of the Google Glasses. He talked to a group of skydivers in real time using the Google Glasses. The skydivers then broadcast their jump from above the Moscone Center in San Francisco where the conference is happening via a live Google+ Hangout.

Google also announced that the Google Glasses Explorer Edition will be available at $1,500 exclusively to developers in the US attending the Google I/O. This is still a developer version and won’t ship until early next year.

Apple launched iTunes Music and Movies store in Singapore

Good news everyone! Apple just launched iTunes Music and Movies store in Singapore. Yeap, you can now buy music and movies from Apple iTunes Store using your Singapore iTunes account and pay using Singapore currency.

Each song cost S$1.28 and the entire album cost S$9.98.
A movie cost starting from S$14.98. Rental option is available for some movies starting at S$4.98.

Happy shopping!

PS: Apple also launched the iTunes Music and Movies store in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

McDonalds Singapore charging 30 cents for extra McNuggets sauce

Just heard that McDonalds is charging 30 cents for extra McNuggets sauce. According to their Facebook page, this is a trial to look into ways to prevent wastage.

The trial is currently taking place at all McDonalds in the North Zone. Those in the East, West and City area are spared, for now. If you have any feedback, suggestions or complaints about this trial, McDonalds welcomes you to email them at

I’m just surprised that McDonalds Singapore don’t know that they shouldn’t mess around with Singaporeans’ McNuggets sauce. There is something about the sauce that Singaporeans are passionate about. Remember few months ago when McDonalds run out of curry sauce? We almost have a protest at Hong Lim park. (OK, I’m kidding)

I’m pretty sure a lot of Singaporeans will be unhappy about this trial.

To me, I don’t really care. I don’t use so much McNuggets sauce. In fact, sometimes I like my McNuggets without any sauce. (yes, I’m weird) I just had a 9 piece McNuggets Meal just now for dinner. The aunty gave me 2 packet of curry sauce but I only use 1 packet. Damn! I should keep the extra sauce and sell it in the North. Haha.

5 people playing a song on a guitar

There is no error in the title. 5 people playing a song on A guitar. Check out the video. Simply amazing….

Someone please buy them another 4 guitar so that they don’t need to share. Haha.

Pink Dot 2012

The Pink Dot is happening this Saturday, 30 June 2012 6pm, at Hong Lim Park. This is the first time Pink Dot is happening in the evening. Pink Dot is a non profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. Last year, over 10,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents turned up at Pink Dot, making it the largest gathering to take place at Hong Lim Park Speaker’s Corner.

Expect something slightly different this time. Instead of forming the pink dot during day time, the organizers decided to use pink torches, light sticks and mobile phones to form the pink dot at night. On top of that, there will be performances by local celebrities like Kumar, Jack & Rai, Pam Oei, Ivan Heng & the va-va-voom La Cage aux Folles, King Kong Jane, Tang Quartet and Starlight Alchemy.

Pink Dot Concert 2012
Venue: Hong Lim Park
Date: 30 June 2012 (Saturday)
Activities commence at 6.00pm
Concert begins at 6.30pm
Dot is formed at 7.30pm, or when it is sufficiently dark

Let’s hope that some day they will not be judged by their sexual orientation, but by the content of their character.