Mars Curiosity Rover landing

If everything goes according to plan, the Curiosity Rover from NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory will land on Mars at 1:31pm today Singapore time. It was launched in November 2011. The rover is carrying a chemistry kit that contains a rock-zapping laser, 17 cameras, a drill, radiation detectors, water sensors, and tools to scoop soil and check for carbon-based compounds that are the building blocks for life.

Curiosity is the largest rover ever send to Mars. Landing a rover this size on Mars is a huge challenge.

If the mission is successful, we will be able to determine Mars’ habitability, study its climate and geology, and collect data for future human missions.

For more information about the Curiosity Rover, check out NASA webpage. A live broadcast from mission control will begin at 11:30am. (Singapore time)

PS: Seven Minutes of Terror sounds like a good plot of the next Sci-Fi movie.

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