SAF to allow camera phones in 14 camps

Starting from 1 September 2012, 14 SAF camps will allow camera phones to be brought in. Previously, all NSF, Regulars, NSmen and visitors have to surrender their camera phone at the guardhouse before entering a SAF camp.
The 14 camps where camera phones will be permitted are:
– Bedok Camp (Green zone: Bedok Fitness Conditioning Centre)
– Maju Camp (Green zone: Maju FCC)
– Khatib Camp (Green zone: Khatib FCC and Artillery Institute)
– Kranji Camp II (Green zone: Kranji FCC and Motorised Infantry Training Institute)
– Kranji Camp III (Green zone: Army Logistic Training Institute and Human Resource Institute)
– Jurong Camp II (Green zone: Infantry Training Institute)
– Clementi Camp (Green zone: Infantry Combat Training Centre III)
– Seletar Camp (Green zone: Engineer Training Centre)
– Pasir Ris Camp (Green zone: Commando Training Institute)
– Sungei Gedong Camp (Green zone: Armour Training Institute)
– SAFTI Military Institute (Green zone: Goh Keng Swee Command & Staff College; SAF Advanced School; Officer Cadet School)
– Pasir Laba Camp (Green zone: Specialist and Warrant Officers’ Institute; SAF Military Intelligence Institute)
– Pulau Tekong Camp (Green zone: Basic Military Training Centre)
– Depot Camp (Green zone: Central Manpower Base)
The 14 camps will be divided into green and red zones. Camera phones are only allowed in the green zones. Servicemen will still need to surrender their camera phone when entering the red zone which may contain sensitive materials.
NOTE: Although camera phones are allowed in the green zone, unauthorised photography in all SAF camp premises continues to be prohibited regardless of the zone. So don’t go happily take photos inside the camps. Your camera phones may be subjected to security checks.

This is a great move by SAF. It seems like most of the camps with Green zones are reservist camp and training institute. NSmen will no longer need to hunt for a non-camera phone when reporting for their annual ICT and IPPT/RT/IPT.
Update: The number of camps to allow camera phone has been extended to 29.


  1. Is there any official bulletin about the 4.3 inch limit?
    Does it make a difference whether the activity is a mobilization or a ICT?
    It is very curious why there is a such a screen size limit. If the concern is unauthorized photography, wouldn’t small handsets be a greater risk factor?

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