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Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest 2012 at Siloso Beach

Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest is back! This year’s Chunkfest is going to be at Siloso Beach.

There wil be 20 exciting flavours from around the world brought in specially for this year’s Chunkfest. Karamel Sutra sounds interesting. A core of soft caramel, encircled by chocolate & caramel ice creams & fudge chips.

Date: 25 August 2012
Time: 2 to 10pm
Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Disney sitcom says Open Source is insecure

Children sitcoms are getting more sophisticated. They are talking about coding and Open Source. Back in my days, I don’t remember any children show talking about computers or coding.

But here’s the problem: Did the script writers do enough fact checks before putting in those terminology? Recently, a children sitcom called Shake It Up on the Disney Channel implied that Open Source is insecure. One of the actor said “Did you use open source code to save time and the virus was hidden in it?”.

And yes, you can be sure the Open Source community aren’t happy with that claim. If the codes are Open Source, what are the chances of it having virus hidden inside? In fact, some might claim that Open Source codes are more secure.

Some people are saying that this is Disney’s attempt to discredit Open Source and brainwash the kids to buying software when they grow up. I highly doubt so. I guess it is most likely a script writer who wanted to use computer terminology without checking before hand.

Whatever it is, this is a good opportunity for the Open Source Community to correct this misconception. Besides, most of the good stuff are Open Source nowadays.

PS: I won’t embed the video on my blog cause I guess Disney will take it down soon. But if you are interested, try this link or search for “Shake It Up Season 2 Episode 28 Made In Japan” in YouTube.

Apps for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2013 will come with one very interesting feature: Apps.

Wait a minute. Isn’t Microsoft Office already an App? So we are having Apps inside a suite of Apps? That sounds like inception to me. Haha.

But on a serious note, this could be something great. Imagine having a Bing Map App in your Excel Spreadsheet. The imagination of developers is the limit. Which is why Microsoft is trying to get developers to write Apps for Office 2013. There will be a Office App store too.

What App would you like to see on Microsoft Office?

Ah Boy To Men filming at Robinson Road

While everyone is enjoying the long weekend, a war broke out at Robinson Road.

Don’t worry. It is not a real war. This is just the movie set for Director Jack Neo’s upcoming movie, Ah Boy to Men. The film is made in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of National Service in Singapore and revolves around the lives of four young men undergoing Basic Military Training (BMT).

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PM Lee Hsien Loong Sings What Makes You Beautiful

Here’s a video mashup of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong singing What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.

The video is done by FallenSuperheroSG. You might remember him for videos like Yam Ah Mee Election Club Mix (GE 2011) and Pritam Singh Club Mix.

But I must say that our Prime Minister still have a lot to learn from Barack Obama. Here is the US President singing What Makes You Beautiful.

OK lah. It’s a good start. Looking forward to more PM Lee dubs.