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Every Singaporean Son 2: The Making of an Officer

Remember Every Singaporean Son and Every Singaporean Son Epilogue? Cyberpioneer TV just launched the second season called “Every Singaporean Son 2: The Making of an Officer”. This new season will be about Officer Cadet School (OCS).

Every Singaporean Son 2: The Making of an Officer can be found at Cyberpioneer TV YouTube channel. The first episode was released yesterday. Check it out.

Florida political ad against driverless cars

I know it is election year in USA. It is actually none of my business since I’m not an American. But I feel that I really need to comment on this very bias political ad against driverless cars.

Firstly, driverless cars have sensors to detect pedestrians. Google’s self driving car has travelled over 160,000 miles autonomously without incident. In fact, it is much safer to have driverless car than have a driver behind the wheel.

I don’t know who is behind the political attack ad. But I hope the voters of Florida’s 22nd district will be smart enough to realize that Jeff Brandes is laying down the foundation that could save millions of lives worldwide when cars are replaced with driverless cars.

Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine

Valve is releasing a new update to Team Fortress on 15 August. It’s going to be a co-op horde mode call Mann vs. Machine. The new gamemode will see Red and Blu team up to stop swarms of machines from deploying a bomb in the Mann Co. bombhole. (Which smart Alec put a bombhole there?)

Like most horde-style mode games, the enemies will attack in waves and players can upgrade their weapons and abilities between waves. If you survive all the waves, you will be rewarded with “incredible loot”. We don’t have much details on the upgrades and loot yet.

This update came as a surprise to me. Didn’t Valve just release the City On Fire update with new game mode and items? But hey, it’s cool to see Valve adding new gameplay to Team Fortress 2.

Interestingly, there are only 6 classes in the Mann vs. Machine video. Spy, Sniper and Pryo are missing. Maybe these 3 Classes won’t be available in the new co-op mode. I can understand why Spy is omitted from this game mode since it is quite difficult to play spy against AI. But I’m not sure why Pryo and Sniper are omitted. OK, maybe you can’t burn or headshot a Machine.

Anyway, these are just my guess. We will find out on 15 August when the Mann vs. Machine update is released. For Singapore and Malaysia Team Fortress 2 players, the update is just in time for the long weekend ahead.

Update: Day 2 of the Mann vs. Machine updates. Valve release information on the classes and upgrades available. Seems like all classes are available for play. That’s good.

Google to include your Gmail in search results

Google is currently conducting a limited field trial for adding your gmail in the side bar of your search result on

This means that when you are signed in to your Gmail account, Google will also search your Gmail for relevant results when you do a search on The results are clearly marked as “Gmail results” and displayed on the right side of the search results. You can also search for your contacts and their recent email.

This seems to be an interesting feature. I can see the usefulness of having the Google search to search your Gmail too. Let’s say for example I’m searching for a restaurant on Google. I’ll get the usual web search results and also results from my Gmail if there are any. Maybe one of my friend emailed me several months ago complaining about that restaurant. Or you can use the Google search bar on your web browser to search for a specific email in your Gmail account. There are a lot of use case for having your Gmail search results on It will make your Google search more personalized for you.

But personally, I will not turn on this feature. To me, I feel that my web search and my emails are two separate entity and I do not wish to search both of them from one search bar. I don’t want to see my Gmail on There are times when I might show others my search results screen from my computer. I don’t want my Gmail results to show up.

It is a good feature and I’m sure a lot of Gmail users will love it. But personally, I prefer not to use it. I hope Google will make this a Opt-In feature when they roll it out to the general public. Else I hope at least there is a method to opt out of this.

For those who can’t wait to try out this feature, head down to Google website to sign up for the field trial.

The LEGO Story

LEGO celebrates its 80th Birthday this year. Check out the story behind the founding of LEGO.

Actually I think it would be cool if they do this with LEGO Figurines.