Google release YouTube app for iPhone

Google just released the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch.

HOLD ON! Wait a minute. Isn’t there already a YouTube app pre-installed on the iPhone? Well, it turns out that the YouTube app won’t be included in iOS 6. Google and Apple didn’t renew the five-year licensing agreement. So when you buy the new iPhone (which will be announced later at 1am, 13 Sept Singapore time) or upgrade your iPhone to iOS 6, you will no longer see YouTube app pre-installed.

But in a way, this is actually something good for Google and all YouTube users. Google is now responsible for the development of the YouTube app and we can expect to see more updates. (Does anyone remember when was the last time the default YouTube app gets updated?) In fact, I’m already loving the new YouTube app by Google.

Unfortunately, the YouTube app is currently for iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad users will have to wait. Although you can still install the app on your iPad, the resolution is not so fantastic. But don’t worry. The iPad version will be released in the coming months. In the meantime, the mobile version works great too.

To download the YouTube app by Google, just go to the iOS Appstore and search for YouTube or click on this link.

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