Samsung 75 inch ES9000 LED Smart TV

My first reaction when I saw the Samsung 75 inch ES9000 LED Smart TV was “WOW!”. It is not just the size that is amazing. It’s also the picture quality. Simply awesome.

The Samsung ES9000 LED Smart TV looks beautiful with a unique rose gold colored finish. It has a super slim 7.9 mm curved bezel with no visible seams. The TV is so slim that you need to see for yourself to believe it.

The ES9000 includes the complete suite of Samsung’s Smart TV features like Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution. And best of all, you can even play Angry Birds using the build in camera as motion sensor. I know it’s a novelty. But hey, how many Smart TV out there allows you to play Angry Birds?

The 75 inch ES9000 is retailing at S$12,888.

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