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Glif for iPhone 5

Good news iPhone 5 owners. Glif for iPhone 5 is now available.

For the uninitiated, Glif is an iPhone accessory for mounting your iPhone onto a tripod and also propping your iPhone at various angles. It is a simple and elegant solution. I’ve been using the Glif ever since I supported it on Kickstarter and I’m loving it. It works great with the olloclip

Glif+ for iPhone 5 is also available now. Glif+ is a deluxe Glif package that contains the Glif, the Serif, and the Ligature.

The Glif and Glif is now available at $20 and $30 respectively on Studio Neat. Worldwide shipping is free if you spend $40 or more.

Starbucks Singapore iPhone App

Starbucks Singapore recently launched an iPhone App for iOS 5 and above.

The Starbucks Singapore App works great if you have a Starbucks Card. You can check your Starbucks Card’s balance, transaction history and number of drinks left to your next reward. On top of that, you can even use the App to top up your Starbucks Card. All you need is a Credit Card. I think I’m going to use this feature a lot.

Besides managing your Starbucks Card, you can also use the app to find the nearest Starbucks store or send a Starbucks Card eGift to your friend.

Download the Starbucks Singapore iPhone App from the Apple App Store now.

Oxford English Dictionary picks GIF as words of the year

The Oxford English Dictionary USA Word of the Year 2012 is…… GIF!!!

GIF: verb to create a GIF file of (an image or video sequence, especially relating to an event): he GIFed the highlights of the debate

By the way, in case you are till wondering, it is pronounced as “Jif“. Not “Gif”.

Looks like 2012 is a big year for GIF. The compressed file format for images celebrated its 25th Birthday in June this year. And now it is chosen as the word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary. Congrats! But I must say that we don’t usually use GIF as a verb. Maybe it is more common in the US.

Do check out the blog entry by one of the judges on the panel.

PS: Oxford English Dictionary UK chosen “omnishambles” as their word of the year 2012.

#UOBObsessions by UOB Cards

This festive season, UOB Cards wants you to share your #UOBObsessions on Instagram and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

From now till 11 January 2013, simply upload pictures of your festive buys (food also can) to your Instagram account and hashtag #UOBObsessions (not case sensitive) to take part. After that, just get your family, friends and random strangers to Like your entry. The entry with the most Likes at the end of each week (cut off date is Sunday, 6pm SG Time) will win attractive prizes.

For week 1 to 6, the entry with the most Likes will win back the amount of the purchase (up to S$1,000) and S$1,000 worth of Club21 vouchers.
For Week 7, the entry with the most Likes will win back the amount of the purchase (up to S$1,000) and S$2,500 worth of Club21 vouchers.

Don’t have so many family members, friends and random strangers to Like your photo? Don’t worry. Each submission is considered as one lucky draw chance for the Grand Prize of a Vespa GTS300. So keep posting.

No Instagram account? Upload your photo on UOB Cards Facebook Page under UOB InstaObsessions tab. (Or sign up an Instagram account lah!)

This contest is open to all UOB Credit/Debit Card members. For more information, visit UOB InstaObsessions Facebook App.

Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free To Play

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now Free To Play after Game Update 1.5.

Free To Play players can experience the complete storylines of all eight iconic Star Wars classes, all the way to level 50. The $14.99 per month paid subscription plan is still available.

Paid subscribers will have access to goods and features for less in-game currency and have access to some features that other F2P players are locked out of. SWTOR will also allow extra content to be bought at a la carte. Check out the feature comparison chart for more info.

Will you be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic now that it is Free To Play?