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Which is worse: 2 boys hogging the nursing room or mum threatening to post video on STOMP

Not sure if you heard about the 2 boys hogging the nursing room from a breastfeeding mum.

There is no doubt that the 2 boys are in the wrong here. That’s a nursing room. They have no rights to be inside. I really hope their parents or teachers see this video and educate them.

But I can’t help but feel kinda disturbed when I hear the mum threatening to post the video on STOMP if the boys don’t leave the room. Yes, the boys are in the wrong but threatening to post the video online isn’t right too. What kind of example are we setting for the youths?

Social Media should not be used as a threat. It is sad to see people using their camera phone and Social Media as a threat when someone did something wrong. Unfortunately we are seeing more of such cases as social media and camera phone become widespread.

I hope people stop using social media as a threat. If someone did something wrong, just report them to the authorities. Let’s not allow this sort of behavior become the norm in our society.

Android, 5 years later

Android celebrated its 5th birthday recently on 5 November. I was reading about Android when I stumble upon an article by Engadget 5 years ago regarding Nokia, Apple and Microsoft comments about Android. It is pretty entertaining to read the comments 5 years later.

Nokia/Symbian said they don’t see Android as a threat. Symbian spokesperson said they are the ones with real phone, real phone platforms and a wealth of volume built up over years. I guess they either underestimated Android or overestimated Symbian. 5 years after the launch of Android, Symbian is on its “slow” gradual end. Nokia announced that it will drop Symbian and adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 last year and Nokia isn’t doing that well.

Microsoft was a bit more on the defensive. Their spokesperson said “It really sounds that they are getting a whole bunch of people together to build a phone and that’s something we’ve been doing for five years,” True, but I guess they didn’t expect that they will have to drop the old Windows Mobile OS and work on a new mobile operating system.

Perhaps the most funny comment was from Apple. Apple spokeswoman said they had a great relationship with Google and the launch of Android doesn’t change anything. Well, actually it does. Apple has stopped using Google Map and YouTube on iOS. Relationships doesn’t seem so good with all the on going patents war between Apple and Androids makers.

World’s most advanced prosthetic limb

Making a prosthetic arm grip something. The arm need to apply the right amount of energy to grip something. Too little energy and you’ll lose grip on the object. Too much energy and you’ll most likely break the object. It seems like the maker of the prosthetic limb got it right.

Now, I’m just wondering if he can make the prosthetic arm point its middle finger. Haha.

We’ve come a long way in Prosthetic limb technology. Just few days ago, an amputee climbed the 103 floors Willis Tower (formerly named and still commonly referred to as Sears Tower) in Chicago using a mind-controlled prosthetic leg. Pretty amazing feat.

Instagram roll out Web Profiles

Two years after its launch on iPhone, Instagram finally allow users to view their profile using a web browser.

The new Web Profile looks somewhat like Facebook with a “cover photo” made up of rotating mosaic of your latest Instagram photos. This is not a surprise since Facebook currently owns Instagram.

With the new Web Profile, it is now easier for company to use Instagram as a tool to reach out to their customers. A great example is the Nike Instagram page.

You can view your profile by going to My Web Profile is at Instagram is still in the process of rolling out the Web Profiles to all users. So be patient if you haven’t got yours.

Apple Lightning Port to Micro USB Adapter

I think all iPhone 5, iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad users should get the Lightning Port to Micro USB Adapter.

Since the Lighting Port is a new standard, it is often difficult for new iOS device owners to find charger. It would be handy to have this adapter in your bag. After all, you can easily find a Micro USB charger lying around. Just plug this adapter to the Micro USB charger and you can charge your new iOS device. And since it is so small, you can easily put it inside your wallet or purse.

The only problem is that it cost S$28. Kinda expensive for a small adapter. Oh well, it’s still good to have one with you all the time until Lightning Port cable become widespread.

I’m actually surprised to see the Lighting Port to Micro USB Adapter available outside European Union. The Micro USB adapter for the old port connector was only sold in EU countries to comply with the European Union standards for smartphone chargers.