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Obama victory photo broke Facebook and Twitter records

In case you still don’t know, President Barack Obama won the re-election.

Shortly after confirming the win, Obama’s Facebook and Twitter account posted a simple picture of Obama hugging his wife, Michelle and a message “Four more years”.

The Facebook Status Update quickly become the most liked photo ever on Facebook. It now has more than 3.3 million likes and is still growing.

Over at Twitter, the Tweet become the most retweeted message ever on Twitter. It now has more than 678k retweets, not counting those retweets using the old copy and paste format.

On a side note, I’m so glad that President Barack Obama won even though I’m not an American. Congrats and cheers to 4 more good years.

Next Generation 5mm Hybrid Hard Disk Drive

A*STAR Data Storage Institute recently announced one of the world’s thinnest 5mm hybrid hard drive in a 2.5inch form factor. I kid you not. Got Picture Got Talk.

It is not easy to make a Hard Disk so thin. The biggest challenge is reducing the thickness of a Hard Drive without compromising on its performance and stability. To achieve a reduction in size, DSI researchers developed a proprietary axial field motor which runs smoother, quieter, more efficiently, lowering power consumption by up to 70% yet at a fraction of the cost of a SSD.

The A-Drive represents the next generation of storage innovation providing capacities of up to 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with 32 GB Solid State Drive (SSD). This potentially allows the A-Drive to store over 250,000 songs in its 5mm body. With its slim form factor, the A-Drive could fit into tablet devices and expand its storage space while extending battery life by up to 30%. The A-Drive will also be a cheaper alternative to SSD currently used in ultrabooks, offering the same instant-on capability at a larger storage capacity.

In addition, the A-Drive can be extended for enterprise storage applications, reducing power consumption by up to 50%, resulting in greener and more efficient data centres with better optimisation of the already limited rack space.

IT Show 2013 will be held at Marina Bay Sands

This is quite a surprise. The IT Show 2013 will be held at Marina Bay Sands.

IT Show 2013 will be from 7 to 10 March 2013 at Marina Bay Sands, Levels 1 & B2.

In the past, all the IT Show, PC Show, COMEX and SITEX were held in either Suntec or Expo. IT Show 2013 will be the first major IT show to be held at MBS. It is going to be interesting to see how MBS handle the huge crowd compared to Suntec and Expo. Transport might be an issue actually. Although MBS is served by MRT, the trains on Circle line have lesser capacity and run on lower frequency compared to the normal lines. Parking is going to be more expensive at MBS and there will be Taxi surcharge for those taking taxi on Sunday.

But this is not the first time MBS handle event with large crowd. So let’s see if MBS will be a better venue compared to Suntec and Expo for IT Show.

Canon PhotoMarathon X

Canon held its 10th PhotoMarathon over the weekend. This year’s competition saw a record breaking attendance of 2419 participants. (Would have been 2420 if I’ve taken part. Haha)

Canon PhotoMarathon X was held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore instead of the usual Suntec City which is under renovation. Despite the new location and record breaking attendance, the competition was pretty well managed. Total of 31 counters for participants to submit their entries.

The Canon PhotoMarathon consists of three segments in which participants are required to create images according to the various themes. The 3 themes which were selected using “Wheel of Fortune” style are “Wonder”, “Harmony” and “Pleasure”. There are 2 categories, Open and Students, and top 3 prizes were awarded for each theme per category. In addition to that, a Best of Show prize was awarded in each Category.

The Best of Show winner for Open category is Koh Zhi Kai.

The Best of Show winner for Student category is Jerrer Lee from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Both of them won a suite of prizes including an eight-day all-expense-paid photo clinic to Hungary.

This year’s competition also feature a Celebrity Challenge where 6 local celebrities, The Muttons, Jade Seah, Ross, Dawn Yeo and Nat Ho, compete against each other. Vernon A of The Muttons captured the winning photo based on the theme, Pleasure. Canon donated S$5,000 to Vernon A’s charity of choice, Children’s Cancer Foundation.

“Mind reading trick” unveiled

Here is an interesting campaign by Febelfin, a Belgian Financial Sector Federation representing 261 members.

Hacking into someone’s online banking might seem a bit difficult. But things like best friend’s name, motorbike and tattoo should be easy to find out using Google and Facebook if someone didn’t secure his/her Social Media privacy settings. It is a good reminder to everyone that we need to be mindful of what we post online.

Maybe I should open a Mind Reading booth next time and use this trick. Just pray that all my customers have a unprotected Facebook account.