DK’s Tech Prediction for 2013

OK, let’s start my first post for 2013 with my Tech prediction for the year. If you have been reading my blog long enough, you will know that my predictions are seldom accurate. So read this for entertainment purpose and let’s laugh at my stupid predictions at the end of the year.
Here we go!!!
2013 is going to be the year of wearable computing
I think 2013 is going to be the year of wearable computing. We saw Pebble getting more than $10 million funding last year on Kickstarter. Google Glasses got quite a bit of attention in 2012. We also see fitness tracker like Nike+ fuelband, Fitbit Ultra and Jawbone Up doing pretty well. I think we will see more wearable computing products this year.
Apple to release a watch
Another reason why I think 2013 is going to be the year of wearable computing is because I think Apple will release a watch. We’ve seen people using their older generation iPod Nano as a watch. Somehow I feel that Apple changed the shape of the new iPod Nano so that they can release their own watch. The Apple watch will have a fitness tracker and work closely with the iPhone/iPad and iPod. Maybe running iOS and developers can easily write application on it?
Google Glasses will be a failure
Although I said that 2013 is going to be the year of wearable computing, I feel that Google Glasses will be a failure. Don’t get me wrong. I love Google Glasses and want it to succeed. But I don’t think the first generation Google Glasses will be a success. I think it is going to take some time before Google and developers find a good use case for the Glasses. Pricing is also going to be another reason for the failure.
Apple to release a Apple TV
I think this is the year that we get to see the Apple TV that was mentioned in Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs book. I don’t know how will it look like but I think it will disrupt the TV industry like iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Nokia to release a Windows 8 tablet
I know I made this prediction last year and got it wrong. But I’m pretty sure it will happen this year. It is just natural for Nokia to release a Windows 8 tablet after working closely with Microsoft on Windows Phone. Anyway, there are already quite a lot of rumors about Nokia announcing a Windows 8 Tablet in February. This should be a pretty safe prediction.
Microsoft to release Windows Phone 8 device
We’ve seen Microsoft releasing their own Windows 8 Tablets. It seems natural for them to release their own Windows Phone 8 device. Windows Phone seems to be getting nowhere and this is an opportunity for Microsoft to show what Windows Phone should be like. This will certainly piss off existing partners but it will also create a demand for Windows Phone 8 devices.
Microsoft to start a video sharing/hosting service
Video sharing/hosting service is mainly dominated by YouTube and Vimeo. I think there is certainly room for competition and I guess Microsoft will enter the market. It is going to be a good fight between YouTube, Vimeo and the video sharing/hosting site by Microsoft. The service will be tie in closely with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox and other Microsoft products. Oh, and the search feature will definitely be Powered by Bing.
Microsoft and Sony release the next generation video game console
It’s about time for Microsoft and Sony to refresh the Xbox 360 and PS3. I think we will see both Microsoft and Sony releasing their next generation video game console in 2013. Both consoles will feature some form of motion control. Nintendo will most likely be lagging behind and won’t be refreshing their video game console.
RIM will license out BlackBerry 10 to another phone maker
We all know BlackBerry 10 will be released early this year. I think we will see RIM licensing BlackBerry 10 to third party phone makers. RIM will still make BlackBerry 10 phones but they will not be the only maker. It might be HTC or Samsung. Or even Dell. Who knows?
Google Chrome OS gain popularity
I think we will start seeing more Chromebooks this year. Currently we only have Acer and Samsung making Chromebooks. I think we will see a few more Chromebook makers and more variety in the specs. More people will buy the Chromebook but mainly as their secondary computer.
NFC starts to gain popularity
I don’t think 2013 will be the year of NFC. But I think we will start seeing more services like payment using NFC towards the end of 2013. This is mainly because by end of the year, most of the high end phones will definitely have NFC. The next iPhone will most likely have NFC too and that will help boast the popularity of NFC. But I think we will need to wait till 2014 or 2015 for NFC to become widespread.
Mirrorless camera running Android
We seen some interesting point and shoot cameras running Android by Nikon and Samsung. I think we might see a company releasing a Mirrorless camera running Android.
Disclaimer: These predictions are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

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