Pebble to begin shipping on 23 January

If you are one of the 68,929 people who backed Pebble on Kickstarter, here is a good news for you. Pebble has began mass production and is expected to begin shipping from 23 January 2013. Cool. Hope I can get mine before Chinese New Year.

Pebble was supposed to be shipped in September 2012 but like all good Kickstarter project, the delivery date was delayed. Anyway, its just a slight delay. Compared to other Kickstarter projects that I’ve backed, this is already considered not bad.

Oh, and Pebble is planning some software update every 2 to 3 weeks after shipped. Runkeeper support is not available yet. But don’t worry, Runkeeper support is expected to roll out in early March.

If you are free, do check out the Pebble demo at CES.

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