WordPress 3.5 bug: YouTube embed code goes missing in scheduled post

Ever since I’ve upgraded my blog to WordPress 3.5, I discovered that my YouTube embed codes keep going missing. At first I thought I forgot to paste the code or I didn’t save properly. But when it happens for a couple of times, I knew something is not quite right.


Then I discovered that there is indeed a bug in WordPress 3.5. What happen is that whenever someone do a scheduled post, all iframe codes will go missing when the blog entry is published. This will not happen if you publish the blog entry straight away. Anyway, it is a known WordPress 3.5 bug and and will be resolved in WordPress 3.5.1.

In the meantime, I just need to remind myself not to schedule post with YouTube video inside.

Update: Oh hey. Shortly after posting this, WordPress released version 3.5.1. One of the fixes in this version is “Prevent scheduled posts from being stripped of certain HTML, such as video embeds, when they are published”. And peace has been restored.

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