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Samsung GALAXY S3 sudden death issue

There seems to be quite a number of reports regarding the Samsung GALAXY S3 suddenly death issue. Earlier this week, I noticed that there are 2 such cases from my Twitter followers.


I did a quick search online and found that this issue affect mostly 16GB Galaxy S III models.

Although this seems to be a hardware issue, it seems like the issue can be resolved by a firmware update. According to Samsung Singapore, they are releasing a software update to address this issue.

“We have been releasing a software update to address the firmware issue. We are working to ensure that the software update will be available at the earliest possible time in all countries, including Singapore. We would like to assure our customers that we remain fully committed to providing a seamless mobile experience.” – Samsung Spokesperson

Customers who are affected by the GALAXY S3 sudden death issue can visit the nearest Samsung Service Centre for assistance.

It is a good thing that a simple firmware update can fix this issue. Let’s hope we get the new firmware in Singapore soon. In the meantime, it would be advisable for all Samsung GALAXY S3 users to backup their phone regularly. Anyway, it is always a good habit to backup your phone regularly.

WordPress 3.5 bug: YouTube embed code goes missing in scheduled post

Ever since I’ve upgraded my blog to WordPress 3.5, I discovered that my YouTube embed codes keep going missing. At first I thought I forgot to paste the code or I didn’t save properly. But when it happens for a couple of times, I knew something is not quite right.


Then I discovered that there is indeed a bug in WordPress 3.5. What happen is that whenever someone do a scheduled post, all iframe codes will go missing when the blog entry is published. This will not happen if you publish the blog entry straight away. Anyway, it is a known WordPress 3.5 bug and and will be resolved in WordPress 3.5.1.

In the meantime, I just need to remind myself not to schedule post with YouTube video inside.

Update: Oh hey. Shortly after posting this, WordPress released version 3.5.1. One of the fixes in this version is “Prevent scheduled posts from being stripped of certain HTML, such as video embeds, when they are published”. And peace has been restored.

Pebble is now shipping

Good news and bad news for all Pebble Backers.

The good news is that Pebble is now shipping!


The bad news is that the production has not reached full capacity of 2400 Pebbles per day. Currently the factory is manufacturing roughly 800 to 1000 Pebbles per day. If you go to, it shows that only less than 500 Pebbles have been shipped so far.


More bad news if your Pebble is not black. They are manufacturing black Pebbles first. So if your Pebble isn’t black in colour, you might have to wait slightly longer. Oh well, since we have already waited for so long, what is another few extra days of waiting?

Anyway, the iOS and Android Apps for Pebble are now in the App Store. You can start downloading them now but you can’t do much with it since you haven’t received the watch.


Google Glasses spotted in the wild

It is not everyday that you get to see an unreleased product in the wild. And I guess it is also not everyday that you get to see a billionaire on the New York City Subway.


Yeap, that is Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing the unreleased Google Glasses on the New York City Subway train. Coincidentally, a wearable computing and augmented reality enthusiast / hardware prototyper spotted him on the train and tweeted about it.

YA RIGHT. This is most likely a publicity stunt although I bet nobody is complaining. In fact, a lot of people wish that Google will release more info about the Google Glasses. Enough with the teasing already. Show us the Glasses!

Well, the wait won’t be long. Google will be organising an event for the developers who signed up for the Glass Explorers program on 28 January.

Crysis 3 multiplayer beta available on 30 January

Good news for the fans of Crysis. Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will begin on 29 January 2013 (US Local Time) for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The beta will include two team-based modes and two maps, giving players an opportunity to master the superpowers of the Nanosuit before the actual launch. The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will be available for two weeks until 12 Febuary.


The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will feature two of the eight modes included in Crysis 3. In Crash Site, players must secure and defend specific locations, earning points along the way for kills and their ability to hold those locations. The exciting, all-new Hunter mode makes its debut in Crysis 3. This asymmetrical, time based mode pits two players vs. ten (two vs. 14 on PC) in matches that begin with two cloaked hunters stalking 10 opposing CELL troopers. Armed only with enhanced Nanosuits and the lethal Predator bow, hunters must systematically stalk and kill the CELL operatives, who in turn must work together as a team as they fight to stay alive before the round ends. The twist is that once a CELL trooper is killed, that player will then respawn as a hunter, joining the others in their attempt to eliminate the remaining CELL operatives before the clock strikes zero.


The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will also showcase two of the game’s twelve visually stunning maps, Airport and Museum. Both will provide players a taste of the lush, urban rainforest and tactical sandbox that awaits them under the Liberty Dome of New York City.


Also included in the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta is the New York Feed, a brand new in-game social feed that will showcase the accomplishments of gamers and their friends while offering dynamic challenges to complete. Crysis 3 multiplayer also contains exciting new gameplay features including Rip & Throw, which allows players to interact with the elements of the environment to use as weapons or shields as well as the chance to control the Pinger, a fearsome alien tripod war machine that can be used to devastating effect.


Crysis 3 will be launching in Singapore on 19 February 2013 in Singapore. Fans who pre-order Crysis 3 before launch will receive an automatic upgrade to the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition. They will also receive the Stalker Pack and the Brawler Pack, as well as a free digital download to Crysis. The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is available on and other participating retailers. The PC, PS3 and XBox 360 version cost $64.90, $76.90 and $76.90 respectively.