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Friends don’t let friends make Harlem Shake videos

I don’t know how did the Harlem Shake videos go viral. It was interesting at the beginning. The first few spoof were fun. But after a while, it just get boring and lame.

It’s time to stop this Harlem Shake thing. If you friend is planning to make a Harlem Shake video, stop him. Friends don’t let friends make Harlem Shake videos.

If you see another Harlem Shake video, don’t repost it. Just let this Harlem Shake thing fade away.


Together we can stop this Harlem Shake madness.

Disneyland is not coming to Singapore

There is a news article spreading around the internet saying that the Singapore Government is in talks with Walt Disney to build Disneyland at Marina East.


This is not true.

The article was published in 2006 by Lianhe Zaobao. That was before the 2 integrated resorts were announced. If I’m not mistaken, the plot of land that was intended for Disneyland is now Bay East Garden, part of Gardens By The Bay. I don’t think the Government is going to tear down a newly constructed Garden for Disneyland.

I don’t know who reposted this 7 year old news article. It seems like the first recent post is from ChannelNewsAsia Forum. Whatever it is, I just want to say that Disneyland is not coming to Marina East. I doubt there is any on going discussion between Singapore Government and Walt Disney.

Twitter Archive

I finally got the archive feature on my Twitter recently. For those who are interested in archiving your Tweets, go to your Twitter Setting page in and scroll to the bottom where there is an option to request for your Twitter Archive.


After requesting for your archive, Twitter will send you an email when it is ready for download. Surprisingly for me, the email came within minutes. The archive comes in a .zip file. To view your archive, just open the index.html file using your web browser.

It’s actually quite interesting to see your Twitter Archive. I’m surprised that Twitter made the archive so easy to navigate. You can also see your monthly Twitter usage from the archive.


Go download your Twitter Archive if you haven’t. Now please excuse me while I go read all the stupid things I Tweeted in the past.

Huge turnout at Hong Lim Park to protest against the Population White Paper

Thousands of Singaporeans gathered at Hong Lim Park today to protest against the Population White Paper. The turnout was huge despite the rain. The organisers estimate the crowd to be around 4000 while local media say 2000. I’m not sure actually. I guess I’ll just let the picture do the talking.

Here’s a photo of the crowd at 6:30pm.

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1st Guards Battalion Weapons Presentation Ceremony

71 years ago today, Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival formally surrendered Singapore to Japan at 6:20pm.

To commemorate this day, Recruits from 1st Guards Battalion gathered at the War Memorial Park for their Weapons Presentation Ceremony. It is a good way to remind the soldiers of the importance of the SAF and their role as National Servicemen. The War Memorial Park was built in memory of the civilian victims of World War 2. At the ceremony, the recruits reaffirm their resolve to defend Singapore with their live.

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