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Exclusive photography seminar by National Geographic Photographer Joe Riis

Award-winning National Geographic Photographer, Joe Riis, will be in Singapore next week to hold an exclusive photography seminar and workshop to share his vast array of experiences, and to provide some practical tips to local photographers.


Born and raised in South Dakota on the Great Plains, Joe, a wildlife photojournalist, completed his first feature for National Geographic Magazine at the age of 26. The prized photo of the Gobi bear of Mongolia, the rarest bear in the world snapped using the camera trap technique that has since been perfected by Joe to capture close-up wildlife shots. Joe’s photography work has earned him several awards, including an Emmy in 2011 for his pronghorn cinematography which was featured in the National Geographic Channel Great Migration series.


Photography Workshop
Date: 5 April 2013, Friday
Time: [Session 1] 9am – 12pm OR [Session 2] 3pm-6pm
Venue: Singapore Zoological Gardens

Photography Seminar
Date: 7 April 2013, Sunday
Time: 10am – 12 pm
Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts

Both the seminar and the workshop are free. However, only the first 200 registrants will get to be a part of this exclusive seminar, and out of these 200, 40 lucky seminar participants will get a chance to participate in a private Photography workshop conducted by Joe at the Singapore Zoo.

To sign up for the workshop and seminar, simply download the registration form and email to

Canon Do More Work Less Contest

Do you have a faulty office device? Don’t fret because that faulty device might help you win a Canon IXUS camera.

Here’s how. Simply take a photo of that good for nothing office device and tell Canon in less than 100 how you would improve the device so that you can be more efficient at your job. Email your entry to and you might stand a chance to win a Canon Digital IXUS 140 while your company stand to win a imageCLASS MF4720w printer.

Hurry, contest ends on 10 April 2013. For more information, visit Canon Do More, Work Less Facebook page.


Hmmmmm…… Maybe I should take part too. I got a printer next to my office desk that always break down.

Sony Digital Workshop 2013

Sony South East Asia is organising its biggest Sony Digital Workshop ever for photography beginners, enthusiasts and professionals in Singapore. Titled “10 Professionals / 13 Sessions”, Sony has invited 10 established lensmen to share more about their craft and discuss topics such as portrait photography, photojournalism and flash photography.


Some of these renowned speakers include:

– Veteran National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita, who has received numerous awards throughout his 30 years in the industry, is known for epic stories that cover the landscapes and legends of Asia.

– Professional photographer Manny Librodo, who has achieved worldwide fame with his particular style in digitally retouching portrait photography. In 2009, he was named by Scott Kelby as one of the five best photographers in the world.

– Multi-awarded and internationally recognised young director Pepe Diokno, who was mentioned as one of the world’s 100 exceptional emerging film makers by UK’s Phaidon Press. Recipient of the Venice Film Festival’s Lion of the Future Award in 2009.


For more details and registration, visit

PS: Sorry, I should have posted this earlier. Seems like one of the timeslot for the first event has been fully booked.

Why I’m not switching over to Google Keep

Google recently launched Google Keep, a new note-taking app available on Android and the web. Google Keep allows you to quickly jot ideas down, create checklist and add photos to keep track of stuff. The notes are stored in Google Drive and synced to all your devices.


Sounds like a great Evernote competitor. Although I don’t take a lot of notes and I don’t have an Android phone, I should test out Google Keep like all tech enthusiast. But I didn’t. In fact, I’m hardly excited about this revolutionary note taking app especially when the announcement came just 1 week after Google announced that they are killing Google Reader.

Before you say that I’m just bitter over Google killing Google Reader, let me explain myself. Yes, I’m upset that Google is killing Google Reader. But this is not the first time Google killed a product. I still remember that I was very excited when Google announced Google Wave. I spend hours experimenting Google Wave with my friends. It was clearly Beta (or maybe even Alpha) but we hang on and waited for Google to sort it out. But instead of sorting out Google Wave, they decided to kill it.

Google Keep also reminds me about Google Notebook which was shut down in July 2012. So Google shut down a service only to launch another somewhat similar service 9 months down the road? Why can’t Google keep Google Notebook and upgrade everyone to Google Keep?

Google Wave, Notebook and Reader aren’t the only products that Google killed. There is a long list of products that Google launched and killed within a few years. I understand that Google is taking advice to “Fail Often, Fail Fast”. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of the users. I don’t feel safe to keep my notes on Google Keep. What if Google decides to pull the plug on Google Keep in a few months time because the take up rate wasn’t fantastic?

I feel much safer to put my notes on Evernote. That is because note taking is Evernote’s core business. I can be sure that Evernote will not kill the service suddenly. And I don’t think Evernote is closing down anytime soon. I can be sure that Evernote is here to stay. I wish I can say the same for Google Keep.

So when Google launched Google Keep, I said to myself, “No more, Google. No more.” I’m not going to invest my time and effort in yet another new experiment that you put out on the web. I’m not going to be a guinea pig to test out your new tool. Let others be your Beta testers. Sorry Google, I’m staying with Evernote.

Maybe in a few years time, when we are certain that Google Keep is a keeper then I might reconsider switching.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Asia Allstars Tournament

25 year old Kei Umezu from Tokyo, Japan, was crowned the overall champion at the inaugural FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Asia Allstars gaming tournament in Singapore last Saturday. The avid eSports enthusiast walked away with the grand prize of AUD10,000 in the winner-takes-all finals held at Avalon Marina Bay Sands.


The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Asia All-Stars Tournament aimed to seek out the most skilled Ultimate Team player in the region. Qualifiers held in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore and Tokyo saw over 120 eSport enthusiasts taking part, and the competition was whittled down to nine finalists. The finalists won for themselves an all-expenses trip to Singapore.



Congrats to Kei Umezu.