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Capsule Collection by Ashley Isham and Joe Chia

Samsung is bringing to life the perfect combination of style and technology at Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013, in conjunction with the launch of its highly anticipated GALAXY S4 With LTE in Singapore. Samsung will hold an exclusive showcase featuring the latest capsule collections by renowned fashion designers, Ashley Isham and Joe Chia.






As Presenting Sponsor of this annual fashion extravaganza that is organised by Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA), Samsung is lining up a series of activities to enrich the experiences of Singaporeans and visitors in Orchard Road. This is the first time Samsung is the Presenting Sponsor of a keynote fashion event in Singapore.



To further liven up Orchard Road with vivid hues and effervescent prints representative of the latest Spring/Summer trends during Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013, Samsung and ORBA presents “Fashion Prints – A Trunk Show” from 28 March 2013 to 12 May 2013, in collaboration with Raffles Design Institute (RDI). For six weeks, colourful and vibrant designs, created by students from RDI using the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE, will adorn the trees along Orchard Road, setting a unique stage for the popular shopping district during the period of Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013.

Goodbye Posterous

In case you don’t know, Posterous will be shutting down today.

Posterous was acquired by Twitter more than a year ago. Initially I thought this would mean better integration between Posterous and Twitter. Which is great for me since I’m using Posterous and a great fan of Twitter. But I soon realize that the acquisition by Twitter is mainly for talents and not much for the existing platform. So it is no surprise that Twitter decided to shut down Posterous.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 3.46.52 PM

I started using Posterous back in 2010 as a replacement for TwitPic. I started with using the iOS App but eventually switch to just emailing the posting to Posterous. It is quite useful for “live blogging” because after posting, it automatically post to my Twitter and Facebook.

But I stop using Posterous last year after Instagram gain popularity. Although I haven’t been using Posterous for some time already, I still feel kinda sad to see it go.

If you have a Posterous account, go download a backup of your Posterous page before they shut down. I’m surprised that I got 1GB worth of content in Posterous. Didn’t know I’ve uploaded so many photos.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 3.44.14 PM

I’ll be spending the last day surfing my own Posterous site and reminisce the good old days.


Goodbye Posterous. You will be missed…..


Google Now on iOS

It is here!!! Google Now is finally on iOS. And you might already have it on your iPhone or iPad if you have the Google Search App. Just go to the App Store and run the update if you already have the Google Search App. If you don’t have Google Search App, you should install it on your iOS device. Go to the App Store and search for “Google Search”.

Photo 29-4-13 11 07 21 PM

Photo 29-4-13 11 08 04 PM

For the uninitiated, Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that gives you recommendations based on your Calendar Schedule, Location, Search History etc etc. I’ve been waiting for Google Now ever since I saw it on my friend’s Android phone. It is great that Google has finally released Google Now for iOS. But of cos the iOS version is not as feature rich as the Android counterpart. But this is a good start.

Tokyo City Symphony

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Roppongi Hills, a renowned landmark of Tokyo, its developer, Mori Building Co., Ltd. has launched a sensational digital campaign Tokyo City Symphony as one of the main features of the anniversary project carried out under the theme LOVE TOKYO.



Tokyo City Symphony is an interactive website which users can experience playing with 3D projection mapping on a 1:1000 miniature model of the city of Tokyo. The miniature model of Tokyo used for this project owned by Mori Building Co., Ltd., is known to be one of the largest in Japan at five square meters. Each building was actually photographed and carefully handcrafted. This elaborative city model was used at a presentation to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) delegation in 2009, on the bid to host the Olympic Games. At the Tokyo City Symphony website, users can experience playing with 3D projection mapping on a massive piece of land at the heart of Tokyo, which would in real life, cover over 6,400 acres of the city.



The handcrafted model is an exact replica of the cityscape of Tokyo in every detail. Three visual motifs are projected onto the city in sync with music. Users can create beautiful harmony on the city by pressing the keys on the computer keyboard. Each key plays a different beat along with various visual motifs, creating over one hundred different sound and visual combinations. Each user is assigned a symphony score of eight seconds, of which could be shared via Facebook, twitter, and Google+. The numerous symphony scores submitted by the users are put together online to create an infinite symphony.

Tokyo City Symphony is just one of the various attractions planned for the celebration. Mori Art Museum will be showing “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – From Chagall toKusama and Hatsune Miku,” exhibiting the works by various artists including Yayoi Kusama and Hatsune Miku. Other fun activities include “Les Girafes,” a festive spectacle of eight meter tall giraffe puppets and a live performance by the French group COMPAGNIE OFF.

Chat Head on Facebook iOS app

I’m not a fan of the Chat Head on Facebook iOS app. Chat Head is an interesting feature on the new Facebook Home. Those who live inside the Facebook world and uses Facebook messaging a lot will love this feature. But unfortunately, not everyone depend heavily on Facebook messaging. For me, most of my friends contact me via WhatsApp or Twitter.


Chat Head make more sense on the Android OS where the Chat Head can appears outside Facebook app. On the iOS, Chat Head can only appear in the Facebook App due to iOS restrictions. If you want to get Chat Head everywhere, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone. Which makes no sense at all. And when I’m in the iOS Facebook App, there is already a Chatbox button at the top which alerts me whenever there is a new message. So why would I still need Chat Head?


So I’ve decided to disable Chat Head on my iPhone Facebook App. It just makes no sense at all on the iOS platform to have Chat Head. Besides, the Facebook Messenger App is serving me well.