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Microsoft Surface RT launching in Singapore soon?

It seems like Singapore will be getting the Microsoft Surface RT soon. Last month, Microsoft announced that the Surface RT will be available in Singapore in the coming months. That could be this month or next month.

But it seems like Challenger is getting ready for the Surface RT launch in Singapore. Their website now has a top banner for the Microsoft Surface RT. No pricing or actual launch date available on the website. Just product info and specs which most of us already know by now.


Then yesterday, posted this photo on their Facebook page. Yes, I know yesterday is April Fools’ Day. But I don’t think this is a joke.


So if everything is true, then the Microsoft Surface RT will be available in Singapore from 6 April 2013. If you are dying to try out the Surface RT, you can visit Challenger Funan on 5 April from 5:30pm.

April Fools’ Day 2013 roundup

I love surfing the internet on April Fools’ Day. It’s a day when companies and website stop business as usual and post something funny. This year’s April Fools’ Day was pretty fun. Google did lots of jokes as usual. I love the Google Treasure Maps. ThinkGeek also came up with a bunch of funny products. I wish they really make the Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp. Damn cool. iFixit did a great Orange Teardown. My personal favorite is Mashable Troll Appreciation Day.

I can’t compile all the April Fools’ jokes into one post. There are just too many of them out there. So here are some of the good ones. Do let me know which is your favorite.

Google: Google Nose Beta

Google: Introducing Gmail Blue

Google: Google Fiber to the Pole

Google: Introducing the Google Wallet Mobile ATM

Google: Updating Export And Send Features To Support Your Legacy Technology

YouTube: YouTube’s ready to select a winner

Google: Find treasure with Google Maps


Twitter: Annncng: Twttr


Razer: Razer Naga Phone update

Wolfram|Alpha: Handwritten Knowledge Engine

Lomography: LomoGoggles

Nokia: Nokia turns up the heat with its first microwave oven


Windows Phone: Meet Windows Phone Locket

All About Symbian: Symbian continued to next-generation ‘Revolution’, runs ‘Ellie’

SwiftKey: SwiftKey Tilt – the whole-body typing experience

Sony: Sony Introduces Animalia Line of Tech Products for Pets

Toshiba: Toshibasphere

Engadget: Ericsson T28z review

Mashable: Join Mashable for Troll Appreciation Day on May 11 in NYC

Football Manager: Football Manager 1888 RetroMator 4000


SEGA: Goat Processing

RunKeeper: RunKeeper for iPad

ThinkGeek: Death Star Trench Toss

ThinkGeek: Batman Family Car Decal Set

ThinkGeek: Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy

ThinkGeek: Play-Doh 3D Printer

ThinkGeek: Creeper Body Pillow

ThinkGeek: Aliens Chestburster-in-a-Can

ThinkGeek: Bane Mask Walkie Talkies

ThinkGeek: Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp


Mugen Power: Mugen Power 558000mAh Atomic Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Kodak: Presenting Kodak Wrist Kiosk

Imgur: Upload via Snail Mail

Virgin: Virgin launches glass-bottomed plane

Nissan: Nissan Sandwich Toast-R


iFixit: Orange Teardown

P&G: Scope Bacon Mouthwash

White House: A Special Message From the President

Local April Fools Jokes:

The Good Beer Company: Best-selling beers in Singapore


Raffles Institute: RI starts home economics institute to arrest declining marriage rates

Cyberpioneertv: Special Forces Unveiled

DKSG: Review: iSpectacles – Turn your iPhone or Android phone into Google Glass


BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook replica

Players of the new game BioShock Infinite will be familiar with the Sky-Hook. The Sky-Hook is a melee weapon and means of transportation throughout Columbia on its Sky-Lines. A pretty useful tool in the game.


Want to win a 1:1 replica of the Sky-Hook from the game BioShock Infinite? 2K Games Asia having a giveaway now on their Facebook page.

All you have to do is to take a photo of yourself either holding a copy of the BioShock Infinite game or posing with any authorized advertisement of the BioShock Infinite game, add a caption and upload on the Facebook app. The most creative entry wins. This contest ends on 14 April 2013 and is open only to residents of Singapore aged 18 and above.

Cool huh? I’m actually impressed by the details on the replica. Check out this unboxing video.

Shop n Save rebranded as Giant (Not an April Fools’ Joke)

When I first saw this YouTube video today morning, I thought it was an April Fools’ joke. I thought someone at Giant had a great sense of humor. In fact, it is a really well done April Fools’ joke.

But then I was wrong. It is not an April Fools’ joke. The news is on Straits Times. It is real. Shop n Save supermarket outlets will be rebranded as Giant stores.

OK, the rebranding exercise isn’t really a surprise. After all, I thought they belong to the same parent company. (I may be wrong here) It is unfortunate that they have to announce this news on 1st April. But I guess it is because today is the start of a new Financial Year. So you can’t blame the timing of the announcement.

But who came up with that video? SERIOUSLY!?! Everyone thought it is a joke because of that video. Who is the creative agency behind this?

Review: iSpectacles – Turn your iPhone or Android phone into Google Glass

Thanks to the folks at April Technology, I got a chance to review the iSpectacles before they officially launch it later this month. The iSpectacles, for the uninitiated, is a 3 part system that turns your iPhone or Android phone into Google Glass.


Setting up the iSpectacles is straight forward. Just tape your iPhone or Android Phone on the iSpectacles using the black tape provided. You want to be careful while using the black tape. Do not cover the camera hole with the black tape or you won’t be able to see anything. And if you are using an iPhone, you might not want to cover the Apple Logo. You still want others to know that you are using an iPhone. Right? Once your phone is secured, you are ready to go.


The iSpectacles system comes with a iOS and Android app that you can download for free. Make sure you turn on the app before wearing the iSpectacles. It will take a while to get used to seeing the screen so close to your eyes. Most people claim that they have headache and nausea when they first started using the iSpectacles. This is perfectly normal. Once you get past that stage, the iSpectacles will be like an extension of your eyes. In fact, I don’t feel the iSpectacles on me after wearing for an hour. In fact, I don’t feel a thing at all after wearing for 1 hour. Cool.

Once you get past the initial state of uncomfortness, you’ll love the iSpectacles. The iSpectacles knows everything about you. What you eat and drink, what you like or dislike. It is constantly connected to your Facebook, Twitter and Email. You can program it to automatically reply to all your emails. For example if a Saudi Prince needs your help to transfer large amount of cash to your country, iSpectacles will automatically reply the Prince with your bank account number. But that’s not the most amazing part about iSpectacles. iSpectacles is a heads-up display that provide you more information of your surrounding.

iSpectacles can calculate the amount of calories in your meal and give you the best health recommendation.


It knows what bus you are taking and your latest IPPT results. So if the bus is too far away, it will tell you not to run since you most likely won’t catch up.


It knows the location of your friends and if you owe them money, iSpectacles will warn you if they are approaching your direction.


There are so many things that iSpectacles can do. It even advise you the best place to meet girls and Google best pick up lines from the internet. Cool feature. I’ll try that out soon.

I’ve been using the iSpectacles for a few days and I’m loving it. Besides providing useful information, I also become the centre of attention when I’m using iSpectacles. Few days ago, I saw a girl taking photo of me wearing the iSpectacles on train. When I talk to her, she said that she is submitting my photo to STOMP. COOL! I bet they are going to feature me in the new Tech Whiz section.

The iSpectacles will be available in the market later this month. No pricing available yet. Currently support iOS and Android 4.0 and above. I heard that they will be supporting Tablets in the near future. Looking forward to wearing my iPad 2 on my face.