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DVDs that smell like pizza when played

Here’s an interesting campaign by a A Brazilian ad agency and Domino’s Pizza. The company worked with 10 video rental stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to stamp heat sensitive thermal ink and flavored varnish on rented DVDs. So while people are watching the movie, the heat of the DVD player will activate the thermal ink and flavored varnish. When the movie ended, the viewers will smell pizza and see a pizza advertisement on the DVD when they eject the disc.

Damn cool idea!

Except there are 2 little problems. Most people usually snack while watching movies. So they’ll most likely be too full to order a pizza after the movies. Besides who eats pizza after a movie? Everyone eat pizza while watching movies.

And who still rent DVDs nowadays? OK, maybe they still do in Brazil. But not for long.

Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party?

Want to know where’s the party? Take part in Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party? Facebook app from now till 22 June 2013. The witty app calls on users to prove their party worth by taking on various challenges online and offline to rack up their party scores.


Each week, Carlsberg will be rewarding two fans, with the highest party scores on the Facebook app, to Where’s The Party? Asia, an invite-only celebration at an overseas mystery location.

A total of 12 different winners will be selected throughout the six weeks campaign with each winner being able to bring along two additional friends. On top of that, the top three most party worthy participants on the Facebook app, at the end of the campaign, will win the grand prize of an all-expense paid VIP trip, to party with Axwell at Where’s The Party? in Europe! Each winner will also be able to bring along two friends for this truly exclusive and priceless party experience.

Are you up for it? Visit now and show your worthiness.

3 epic years….

Today is my 3rd anniversary in my company. Wow….. time flies.

A lot has changed since I joined the company. 3 years ago, nobody would believe the company would do some of the things we are doing now. The task is challenging but I’m fortunate to be working with an amazing team.

Cheers to the 3 epic years….

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Jurong Point 54hr Triathlon

Jurong Point is having a 54 Hours Triathlon this weekend to celebrate their 18 anniversary.


Total of 24 teams of 4 taking part in the Triathlon. During this 54 hours, participants need to stay awake for an intensive and exhilarating combination of three 18-hour segments of movie-watching, dancing and gaming. Jia You!

The winning team will walk away with $18,000 cash and other attractive prizes.



This is no easy task. Imagine staying awake for 54 hours, watching movie while sitting on the floor. Follow by 18 hours of dancing and 18 hours of computer games. I wonder how many teams can last the entire 54 hours. If you are nearby, do pop by Jurong Point to cheer the participants. The mall will be open throughout the 54 hours.

10 million Samsung GALAXY S4 sold within first month

It is no surprise that the Samsung GALAXY S4 is going to break records. Samsung just announced that they have sold 10 million GALAXY S4 in less than one month after its commercial debut. Launched globally on 27 April 2013, the phone is estimated to be selling at a rate of four units per second.

2013-05-23 18.03.45

In comparison, it took 50 days for the GALAXY S III to reach 10 million. The GALAXY S II and GALAXY S took five months and seven months respectively, to achieve the same number.

Samsung GALAXY S4 is available in more than 110 countries and will gradually be rolled out to a total of 155 countries in cooperation with 327 partners.