That Hello Kitty Craze

Oh boy, the McDonald’s Hello Kitty craze is back. McDonald’s Singapore started selling the Singing Bone Hello Kitty, the last Hello Kitty in the Fairy Tale series on 27 June 12 midnight.
I heard that the queue started as early as 8pm at some McDonald’s restaurants. I passed by Jurong Spring McDonalds at 11:45pm and the queue was crazy.
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At the end of the day, there are a lot of unhappy Hello Kitty fans because not everyone managed to get the Kitty. Just take a look at their Facebook page and you’ll know what I mean. Actually I feel sorry for McDonald’s Facebook admins.
Something I don’t understand. Why are people complaining when they can’t the Hello Kitty toys. These Hello Kitty toys are limited edition. Of course it will be sold out very quickly. And actually most of the buyers aren’t actually Hello Kitty fans. There are a lot of people buying the Hello Kitty to resell it at a profit. I see people selling the Singing Bone Hello Kitty at $50. Crazy. But hey, there are people willing to pay that amount to buy it. That’s why the situation get worse. When there are people willing to pay such high amount for the Hello Kitty, you’ll get more people buying it to resell. So if you don’t want this to happen, tell all your friends not to buy the Hello Kitty toys from these resellers. You’ll only encourage them to queue up next time when Hello Kitty returns.
Some people said that McDonalds should bring in more Hello Kitty. But how many more can they bring in? They already brought in 40% more Hello Kitty compared to last year. How much more should they bring in? Even if they bring in 100% or 200% more, the Hello Kitty will still be snapped up by resellers. There is never ending.
So the only solution I can think of is everyone stop paying high price to buy from resellers.
No point getting upset or angry just because you can’t get the complete Hello Kitty set. Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you just have to accept it. Don’t end up like the person in the video.

I feel sorry for the Police Officer. He joined the Police Force because he wants to serve and protect. Not resolve your petty Hello Kitty queue dispute.

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