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Facebook hashtag and why I hate it

Facebook is slowly rolling out hashtag to all its users as we speak. It is no surprise that Facebook launched hashtag to all users. We heard about plans since early this year. But a part of me wished they didn’t do it.

Hashtags are great on Twitter. It made Twitter a lot more useful when paired with search and trending list. In fact, a lot of brands like to use hashtag for their Twitter campaign. We saw a lot of advertisements having their own hashtag during the Super Bowl 2013. Maybe that is why Facebook wanted to copy hashtag from Twitter.

But Facebook is not Twitter. The reason why Facebook and Twitter still co-exist is because they both serve a different needs. I wouldn’t go Facebook to find breaking news and follow real time event. Maybe Facebook want their users to use the platform for breaking news. But that will just make the social network more messy. And Facebook is not as searchable as Twitter. This made Facebook not so useful when come to finding more information about breaking news. And there is no trending list on Facebook too.

But perhaps the biggest problem with hashtag on Facebook is that it can be easily abused by people and companies. On Twitter, you are limited to just 140 characters. This made Twitter users and brands think carefully before using a hashtag. But on Facebook, a status update limit is 60,000 characters. Can you imagine how many hashtag a page admin can put on their posting?

Here’s an example. And I’m not even close to hitting the 60,000 characters limit.


Of course we can have guidelines for Facebook users and page admin to follow. But asking a marketer to restrict themselves to 2 to 3 hashtags per post is like putting a kid in a room full of candies and telling him not to eat them.

CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia and EnterpriseIT 2013

CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia and EnterpriseIT is happening from today (18 June) till 21 June 2013. This year, all 3 events will be held at Marina Bay Sands.


A record number of new exhibitors are taking part this year, bringing the total line up of more than 2000 international exhibitors from 56 countries. Over 50,000 attendees from around the world will be attending the exhibitions, conferences and meetings at the four-day event. More than 350 industry experts speaking at the conferences.

Some of the global technology leaders present include Akamai, Dell, Hitachi, Inmarsat, Oracle and Panasonic. Huawei will also be at CommunicAsia to showcases its high performance core switch designed for data center networks, second-generation solid state storage system, and high definition Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) platform that supports real-time transmission over LTE network.

CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia and EnterpriseIT 2013 is open to trade visitors only. Pre-registered visitors can bring along the email confirmation with their business card to collect their badge at the Zap4Badge Kiosks at Level 1. Visitors who have not pre-registered can proceed to basement 2 or level 3 registration counters with their business card for registration.

The haze is back… AGAIN

The haze is here again. The PSI Index hit 155 yesterday at 10pm, the highest level since 2006.


It is the same old story happening again and again. Fire from Sumatra combined with wind blowing the haze towards our direction. It seems like there is nothing we can do besides praying that the wind direction to change.


This is not the first time the haze is happening. It happens every year. I just cannot understand why Singapore and Malaysia cannot pressurize Indonesia to do more about the fire in Sumatra. No point calling Indonesia only when the haze is here. We need to find a way to reduce and prevent the haze.

And since Vivian Balakrishnan is no longer having coffee Low Thia Khiang, why not have coffee with his Indonesia counterpart and discuss how we can prevent the haze from happening every year.

WhatsApp processed 27 billion messages in 24 hours.

WhatsApp recently announced on their Twitter account that they hit another record. It hit a new daily high of 10 billion inbound (sent) messages and 17 billion outbound (received) messages, making a total of 27 billion plus messages processed in 24 hours.

The reason why sent messages and received messages is due to group chat which allows 1 sent message to multiple recipients.


Back in April 2013, WhatsApp announced that it process an average of 8 billion inbound and 12 bilion outbound message per day. Despite strong competition in the mobile messaging scene, WhatsApp is still one of the most popular mobile messaging app in the market.

Just A Bad Day – Forum Theatre Performance about 3 women faced with different threats

They are everyday people with ordinary lives. You’ve seen them. They’re your neighbours, your colleagues, your mahjong kakis. Their problems are nothing new. But now, they’re asking you to step in.

Three women are faced with different threats – at home, in the office, and at a party. When familiar environments turn hostile and seemingly harmless situations escalate, what choices are they left with?


Just A Bad Day is a forum theatre piece created by a team of volunteers from all walks of life in Singapore. They came forward to share their stories of violence, oppression and vulnerability. In a powerful workshop led by theatre practitioner Li Xie, the volunteers molded compelling characters who mirrored their struggles, their society. Your society. Come and listen to these experiences, share your perspectives and reconsider your assumptions about gender roles, norms and violence against women. And maybe you will discover possibilities, areas you where you can make change in your own life.

Tickets for 22 June 3pm and 8pm slot have been fully booked. But there will be another performance on 7 July at Scape.

Just a Bad Day – Forum Theatre Performance
Date: 7 July
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: Gallery@ Scape

Event is free but space is limited. So reserve your spot at the website now.