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Krispy Kreme coming to Tangs Orchard in October

It’s official. The first Krispy Kreme store in Singapore will be opening in October 2013 at Tangs Orchard.


Maybe I should start queuing at Tangs now……

Man hack video game Contra to add wedding proposal at ending

Here’s a geeky romantic story. A guy hacked the popular 1980s video game Contra to add wedding proposal message at the end of the game. He did it by dumping the ROM, hex edited the file, flashed it to a new ROM chip and soldered it all back together. He also personalize the game by changing Player 1 & 2 to their names.



Luckily for him and his girlfriend, they managed to complete the game. Those who have played Contra will remember that it is not exactly the easiest game to play back in those time. Even with the cheat code that give you 30 lives, sometimes it is still difficult to complete.


And of course she said yes….

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay demo

Here’s a 13 minutes gameplay video of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

A pirate setting with a beautiful Caribbean Sea world to explore. Sounds interesting.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will be released on 29 October 2013.

The HP ENVY Fund

Do you have a cool business plan that is different from the competition? Do you have an unique or novel idea/product/service/business model/ process? Then the HP ENVY Fund is for you.

Submit your business plan to the HP ENVY Fund and you stand a chance to win full sponsorship of HP ENVY products, S$5000 in cash and your online store set up by GOODSTUPH. To apply, simply fill up the application form and business plan template and submit your business plan to by 11 August 2013. Judges will shortlist the top 10 submissions to be put up for voting between 17 to 24 August 2013. The submission with the most votes wins.


For more information, visit

Sony Portable Wireless Server

The Sony Portable Wireless Server WG-C10 is an interesting device. Basically it is a small gadget that allows you to plug in your SD Card, Memory Stick Duo or Thumbdrive and share the data with other devices over WIFI. Cool huh?


The Portable Wireless Server is great for those who wants to transfer the photo from their camera to their tablets or smartphone quickly and easily. It is also great for those who wants to copy the photos from their smartphone and tablets to another storage for backup. Besides photos, the Portable Wireless Server can also manage videos, music and office documents. Up to 8 users can connect to the Portable Wireless Server at one time.

The build in battery gives the Sony Portable Wireless Server up to 10 hours battery life. You can even use it as a portable battery to charge your smartphone or tablet.

The Portable Wireless Server comes with a special PWS Manager App that is available at Google Play and iOS App Store. This means you can use this on both your Android and iOS devices.

The Sony Portable Wireless Server WG-C10 will be available at all Sony Stores and Sony Centres in Singapore from 5 August 2013 onwards at a suggested retail price of S$129.00.