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olloclip launch new Telephoto lens with Circular Polarizing Lens

I am a huge fan of olloclip iPhone camera lens ever since supporting them at Kickstarter. My olloclip Fisheye and Wide angle lens is one of my favourite iPhone accessory. In fact, I bring it along with me almost everyday. It’s lightweight, compact and produce great Fisheye, Wide Angle and Macro photos.

And that’s why I’m excited when I heard that olloclip is releasing a new Telephoto + Circular Polarizing Lens.


The Telephoto lens has a fixed 2x magnification for zooming in at distant objects. Pretty standard lens and useful tool to have.


Perhaps the most interesting lens is the Circular Polarizing Lens. Circular Polarizing Lens is designed to reduce glare from reflected surfaces and show colors more true to life. When rotated, the lens blocks certain wavelengths of light from entering the camera lens and hitting the camera’s sensor. This help prevent glare and washed-out colors in photos. The Circular Polarizing Lens can be used to enhance many different types of photos. You can use it to reduce reflection from glass and water to achieve great looking photographs of water.

The results are pretty impressive.


Circular Polarizing Lens can also be used on the olloclip fisheye or wide-angle lenses which is great for existing olloclip users.

The olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizing lens system is available for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S and retails for $99.99.


My Little Pony celebrated the magic of friendship

Last Saturday, My Little Pony fans gathered along Orchard Road to celebrate International Friendship Day which falls on the first Sunday of August (4th August 2013). The outing was inspired by the popular My Little Pony animation series whose tagline is ‘Friendship is Magic’. The event attracted fans (and neophytes) along with people of all ages – this included young families, grandparents and grandchild, young children and teenagers, as they captured a moment of their friendship.



tech@vogue Gallery Suntec City Mall and VivoCity Opening Special

tech@vogue Gallery has special treats for all customers visiting their stores at Suntec City Mall and VivoCity from 2 August to 11 August 2013.


Up to 40% off Incase Backpack, 50% off Jabra Solemate, 50% off Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Android and many more. Oh, and the limited edition STREET by 50 On-Ear Wired Headphones at $199 and the Logitech Neo Lights earphones at just $5.

Hurry. Opening Special promotion ends on 11 August 2013 and is only available at tech@vogue Gallery Suntec City Mall and VivoCity.

So my blog went down last night…

Some of you might notice that my blog was down last night (Singapore time). I was pretty surprised too when I when I tried to visit my blog and saw this error message.


DNS Server Failure? Is that my ISP or domain registrar fault? It took me a while to realise that it is actually because my web host, HostGator, is experiencing an outage. It is so bad that even their Live Chat Technical Support page is down. Haha.

According to HostGator, their datacenter at Provo, Utah experienced outages during a routine maintenance. I’m not sure the exact duration of the outage. But it seems to be more than 6 hours.

It is actually kinda rare for HostGator to go down. Despite this outage, I still feel that HostGator is pretty reliable. I’ve been with HostGator since 2009. Yesterday’s outage might be the worst that I’ve experienced ever since using them. But this is still nothing compared to the 2 days outage I had on my previous web host. Overall, my experience with HostGator is still very good.

So let’s hope this is the longest downtime that I’ve ever experienced on HostGator. If you ask me, I’ll still recommend HostGator to my friends. And no, I’m not on their Affiliate Program.

Celebrate International Friendship Day with My Little Pony

In celebration of the International Friendship Day, pop-culture phenomenon, My Little Pony, will be holding a fan outing today (3rd August 2013) along the Orchard Road shopping belt. The outing, inspired by the popular My Little Pony animation series which bears the tagline ‘Friendship is Magic’, is open to the public and invites everyone to celebrate the premise of ‘Friendship’ with each other.


The event will take place between 2pm to 6pm along Orchard Road starting with ION Orchard. Fans are encouraged to come fully decked in their My Little Pony inspired costumes and attire. As a token of appreciation to My Little Pony fans, Hasbro Singapore has prepared My Little Pony goodies that will be given out to the first 1000 fans who join in the festivities. In addition, fans can also stand to receive a My Little Pony ‘cutie mark’, which pays homage to the animated series where iconic symbols magically appear on a pony’s flank once they discover their special talent in life.

My Little Pony Fan outing
Date: 3 August 2013
Time: 2 – 6pm
Venue: Orchard Road shopping belt

PS: Sorry for the late post. My blog was down last night due to some server issue