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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation using Polycom RealPresence Platform

Polycom recently announced that its Polycom RealPresence Platform is serving as the backbone of a secure video collaboration environment for members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the alliance of 28 countries from Europe and North America focused on defence, security, and crisis management.


Through a NATO contract awarded to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Polycom has become the video collaboration platform of choice for NATO employees and delegates who regularly meet face-to-face to confidentially negotiate diplomatic missions, organise humanitarian interventions, and plan NATO Response Force actions wherever NATO members are threatened. In the process, NATO is streamlining decision making and communication across broadly diverse cultures, saving hours or days of travel time for meeting participants, and reducing costs by replacing in-person travel with video meetings.

SAIC is installing Polycom RealPresence Platform components in all major NATO locations throughout Europe and North America. NATO’s stringent security requirements, combined with the need to communicate using a wide variety of legacy systems from multiple vendors, made the Polycom RealPresence Platform a natural choice to underpin the NATO collaboration environment. Polycom solutions are known for their strong security protections and open standards-based interoperability.

Network managers can use the same Polycom RealPresence Video Collaboration Server to accommodate both the highly secure “NATO Secret” classification for confidential communications and “NATO Unclassified” for less sensitive meetings, such as resource planning, cost-effective training, or other essential daily business. Using Polycom’s firewall traversal solutions, network administrators can enable desktop or mobile video users to join meetings without putting NATO’s network at risk.

A scheduling application built with myVRM, a Polycom/ SAIC Technology Partner, allows authorised users to schedule video meetings based on the security classification of the rooms and endpoints available at a given time. Polycom’s interoperability with Microsoft Lync, used widely throughout NATO, also makes it easy for Microsoft Lync users to launch or join a video meeting and upgrade from a voice call to a video call.

Other features unique to Polycom, such as the ability to generate closed captioning, help ensure NATO members can always effectively communicate, even if some participants are hearing-impaired or require captions to fully understand what is being said. NATO also accelerates decision-making by sharing content across Polycom systems.

Star Wars Opening Crawl using HTML and CSS

Star Wars fans are going to like this. Someone coded the opening crawl from Star Wars IV using HTML and CSS. The results are pretty impressive.


Actually, you can easily edit the HTML code to change the text. Imagine reading your next email with the text crawl and Star Wars Theme. The force is strong with this one.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is out.


With a rumored price tag of US$265 million, Grand Theft Auto V is perhaps the most expensive video game ever made. And it sound like one of the most violent video game too. I haven’t tried the game yet but saw some reviews about pulling victim’s teeth with a pair of pliers and perform “water boarding” torture technique by pouring flammable liquid over a victim tied to a chair.

I’m pretty sure this game is going to get lots of complaints from those Consumer Group. Which only means that it’s a great game and everyone about the legal age should play! Haha.

CANON Captures Video Footage of Yaeyama-hime Fireflies Flying in Darkness

Canon Inc. has successfully captured video footage of Yaeyama-hime fireflies flying in darkness, a feat made possible by the high-sensitivity 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor developed by Canon for video capture that was announced in March 2013.


The high-sensitivity, low-noise video-shooting capabilities of the dedicated 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor for Full HD video capture were made possible not only through the integration of the high-performance sensor technologies employed in Canon’s digital SLR cameras, but also through the incorporation of new pixel and readout circuitry technologies that reduce noise.

Using a camera prototype equipped with the CMOS sensor, Canon, in cooperation with ZERO CORPORATION, succeeded in capturing video of the Yaeyama-hime fireflies that inhabit Japan’s Ishigaki Island, located off the northeastern coast of Taiwan. No artificial lighting was used during shooting, which took place after sunset amid the island’s mountains. Despite an exceptionally dark shooting environment of less than 0.01 lux, a level in which the naked eye would have difficulty discerning surrounding objects, the CMOS sensor was able to capture not only the color of the light emitted by the fireflies, each of which measures only a few millimeters in length, and their movements, but also the surrounding vegetation in which the species lives. Plans call for the footage to be used to benefit future research into the Yaeyama-hime firefly.

Facebook Messenger Spam

I have no idea what is this and how to get rid of this. Basically my Facebook is flooded with Spam from with the message “This message was created automatically by Facebook. A message that you sent to could not be delivered because the recipient address does not exist.”

But the strange thing is that I didn’t send any message. And I can’t seem to stop this.



Anyone else getting this too? Or am I the only unlucky one?