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Twitter Files For IPO

In just 140 characters, Twitter announced on its Twitter account that it has filed for IPO.


Twitter is taking advantage of a provision under the 2012 JOBS Act that allow companies with under $1 billion annual revinue to file its initial document with the Securities and Exchange Commission confidentially. By doing so, Twitter does not need to make their documents public until 21 days before the company goes on the “road show” to pitch the company to big investors on Wall Street for the IPO. The documents remain completely shielded from public until then.

Twitter has become one of the fastest-growing and most influential social media services since founded in 2006. The service is widely used by celebrities, journalists, politicians and others. Twitter is a great source of breaking news.

The Wall Street Journal estimated that Twitter is worth some $10 billion.

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens By The Bay

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Gardens By The Bay is celebrating the festival with lantern displays, cultural performances and fun filled activities for the family.

Check out the beautiful and elaborately crafted lantern set displays from 13 to 22 September 2013 at Bay South Outdoor Gardens. Featuring exquisitely crafted lanterns depicting mythical and legendary characters, the displays provide an engaging and insightful perspective of Chinese traditions, arts and culture.









The Cooled Conservatories & OCBC Skyway will also be extending its operations hours until 11pm daily from 13 to 22 September 2013. (Last ticket sale: 10:00 PM. Last admission: 10:30 PM)


Bounce Mobile: Singapore first online mobile phone trade in service

With so many cool new gadgets announced recently, wouldn’t it be great if you can sell your existing gadget for some cash so that you can buy those new toys? Well, Bounce Mobile is here. Bounce Mobile is a first of its kind online mobile and tablet trade-in platform for Singapore consumers.

With Bounce Mobile, user can now quickly and easily assess the value of their used devices. They can also conveniently arrange for free pick up island-wide and have cash promptly and securely transferred to their bank accounts.

Bounce Mobile uses Brightstar Corp.’s Mobile Phone Xchange proprietary Web pricing and trade-in processing platform, to correctly value used mobile phones and access the most profitable routes to market. Brightstar’s ability to efficiently and cost-effectively re-sell devices in emerging markets enables Bounce to pay customers top prices for used and unwanted devices.


Bounce Mobile currently accepts devices from Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Huawei.

More public education required on Guide Dogs

In case you didn’t notice, Häagen-Dazs got into a little bit of a crisis because of a guide dog. Esme the guide dog and her blind handler Cassandra Chiu wanted to visit Holland Village Häagen-Dazs last weekend but was refused entry even though she tried to explain that Esme is a guide dog. This is not the first time Esme and her handler encountered problems. If you do a quick Google, you will notice that there are other occasions where they were refused entry.

I think the world needs more education about Guide Dogs. Not many people know that Guide Dogs are specially trained. It is going to take some time. In the meantime, just help educate others and forgive the ignorant.

One interesting thing to note. There are currently 3 guide dogs in Singapore. But it seems like only Esme and her handler keep bumping into trouble. Why is that so?

The new iPhone 5S

OK, I admit I didn’t stay up and watch the Apple Keynote on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Let me explain myself. Firstly I wasn’t feeling well. Plus there were so many leaks I doubt there are anything that wasn’t leaked. But most importantly, there isn’t anything amazing about the new iPhone 5S.


It is no surprise that this version of iPhone is just incremental changes. Apple only make big changes to the iPhone design every 2 years. And it is good that there isn’t any change in the iPhone design. This means that all the existing accessories for iPhone 5 can be used on the new iPhone 5S.

A lot of people were saying that Apple is losing it ever since Steve Job is gone. I disagree. I think we have reached a stage where there is hardly anything amazing left that is not on the smartphone. Gone are the days when the crowd go wild when someone demonstrate slide to unlock screen. It’s not just Apple. Other smartphone companies also failed to add groundbreaking features in the recent flagship product. Everyone is just perfecting what they have been doing. Putting a faster processor, better camera and maybe a few new features here and there.


And there is nothing wrong with that. You can’t expect the smartphone industry to continuously invent groundbreaking features after features. We will reach a stage when everything that needs to be there is already there. I think we are reaching that stage.