The Walking Dead Pop Up Cafe at Race The Dead

If you are taking part in the Race The Dead event, do lookout for The Walking Dead Pop Up Cafe at The Quarantine Carnival. The Walkers are serving food and beverages to the survivors to refill their energy. But it is not your usual kind of food and beverages. They are serving Rotting Flesh Tacos, Bloody-eye Shots with Maggots and Blood Beverages.
OK, this is weird. During the 5km run, there are zombies trying to eat you alive. Then when you reach the end point, these Walkers are trying to feed you? Hmmm…. But who cares? They are giving out free food and drinks and so far nobody has been bitten in the Quarantine Area.
Oh, and get your camera ready cause the Walkers at the Pop Up Cafe really look like the real Walkers from the TV series The Walking Dead.
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  1. Hi Darryl, have you uploaded all the photos from Zombie run ? I’m a zombie for Day 2 … U were with Justin at our kill zone taking our photos..wondering if the photos are ready..

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