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First Samsung ATIV concept store in Singapore open at Sim Lim Square

Looking for Samsung Product. The first Samsung ATIV concept store in Singapore is now open at Sim Lim Square. Operated by Newstead Technologies, the 560 square feet store is a one-stop destination for the complete range of Samsung notebooks, including the ATIV book 9 Lite, Series 7 CHRONOS and Ultrabook Touch.

Newstead_Samsung ATIV5

The store features a wide selection of smartphones and tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Mega and Nexus 10; and an array of OEM accessories from Samsung. Customers will also be able to get the latest product products under the ATIV range – ATIV Book 9, ATIV Tab 3 and ATIV One 5 Style at the store soon.

Newstead_Samsung ATIV1

The Samsung ATIV concept store is located at Sim Lim Square, #01-51. Opening hours is 11am to 8pm daily.

Singapore Government may block website to curb piracy

Few days ago, Senior Minister of State (Law) Indranee Rajah said in Parliament that the Government is considering blocking file sharing websites that infringe copyright while it reviews the Copyright Act.

Sigh, when will they ever learn that blocking file sharing website will never work? There are tons of file sharing website out there. How is the Government going to identify and block all of them? How much taxpayers money is going to be spend on this?

What constitute a file sharing website that infringe copyright? What about sites that have a mixture of files that infringe copyright and files that are creative commons? How is the Singapore Government going to classify these sites? Is there an appeal process where sites owners can appeal if they found that they are wrongfully blocked?

And what about Google and YouTube? It is easy to use Google and YouTube to search for copyright materials. Is the Singapore Government going to block Google and YouTube too?

And even after the websites are blocked, there are many other ways that tech savvy people can do to by pass the block. Blocking website is not going to curb piracy. Many countries have tried that and failed.

In fact, the best way to beat online piracy is through public education and making content easily available. Instead of wasting Singapore taxpayers money to identify and block websites, Singapore Government should work with content owners to make their content available to consumers at a reasonable price, on any platform the consumer want and at a timely fashion. Studies already shows that people pirate movies because they don’t have the option of paying for a legitimate copy online.

The ball is at the content owner’s court.

Super Mario Brothers in HTML5

This is pretty amazing. Someone recreated Super Mario Brothers using HTML5.


The best part is that this project is open source and free.

But better hurry. It seems like Nintendo is seeking the removal of the content as it infringe their intellectual property rights. Sigh. What a wet blanket.

OS X Mavericks 10.9 available now as a free update

This is a surprise to a lot of people. Most Apple users like me are actually mentally prepared to pay roughly US$39.90 to upgrade to the new OS X Mavericks. But Tim Cook surprised everyone by announcing that OS X Mavericks will be available as a free update starting from today.


That’s right, free updates! The free OS X Mavericks update is available to all Mac running Snow Leopard and later. You can get the update via the App Store starting from today..

OS X Mavericks includes features like iBooks, Maps, Tags, iCloud Keychain and many more.

Twitter now lets you receive DM from all followers

Twitter is adding a new option for their Direct Message (DM) feature. In the past, you can only send a DM to someone who is following you on Twitter. Twitter is adding an option for you to allow all your followers to DM you regardless whether you are following them or not.

This is an opt in feature. If you want all your followers to be able to send you DM, simply go to your Twitter Account Settings page and check the box under “Receive direct messages from any follower”


But wait a minute! Turning on this feature means you might get more spam DM since anyone who followed you can DM you. Think twice before turning on this feature. In fact, most Twitter won’t need this feature and I don’t recommend most of you to turn it on. I won’t be turning on this feature for my Twitter account.

However, this feature is very useful for companies, especially those using Twitter for customer service. This will allow the company’s follower to DM them easily. This save the needs for the customer to ask the company’s Twitter account to follow them so that they can talk in private. If you are managing your company’s Twitter account, take a look at this feature. It might be useful.