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Firefighter captures kitten rescue on GoPro

Most people would associate GoPro camera with extreme sports like Skydiving or Mountain Biking. Nobody would imagine that a GoPro camera capturing heartwarming video footage like a Firefighter saving a kitten.

Cat lovers might want to get your tissues ready before pressing the play button.

The video was captured by a California Firefighter with a GoPro camera attached to his helmet. Unfortunately, the kitten passed away later that night due to lung damage caused by the smoke.

National Do-Not-Call Registry to start on 2 January 2014

The national Do-Not-Call registry will be launched on 2 January 2014 for people to list their numbers if they do not wish to receive phone calls, SMS/MMS or faxes from telemarketers. Marketing message send via instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line to the numbers on the registry will also be prohibited.

Under the new ruling, Telemarketers must check against the registry before making a sales pitch. Telemarketers who defy the new rule face a maximum $10,000 fine if the consumer lodge a complaint to the newly formed Personal Data Protection Commission.

Consumers can start registering for the registry from 2 December 2013 onwards. To register for no voice call, SMS/MMS and fax messages, just SMS “DNC” to 78772. Consumer can also send an SMS to 78773 to choose to block calls only. Alternatively, they can call 1800 248 0772 or visit

DNC registration is free and does not expire. Consumer can deregister from the list anytime although I don’t see the reason why anyone would want to do that.

Will you be registering for the Do-Not-Cll registry? Do you think this measure is effective?

SPH and Yahoo settle copyright infringement suit

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Yahoo Asia have reached an out of court settlement for the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by SPH in 2011. In the settlement, Yahoo has agreed to pay an unspecified sum and legal costs.

Yahoo also acknowledged that its Yahoo Singapore News site had reproduced content from SPH newspapers without approval. The responsible employees have been disciplined or terminated.

This case attracted lots of global media attention back in 2011 as it was the first time in Singapore where a traditional media owner files copyright infringement suit against a new media company. SPH cited 23 articles from its newspapers which Yahoo had reproduced without permission.

I’m rather surprised that SPH and Yahoo Asia managed to reach a out of court settlement. I remember Yahoo filing their defence and counterclaim against SPH and denying all allegations of wrongful copyright infringement. Oh well, it is better that things end up this way. Personally I doubt Yahoo can defend against the copyright infringement suit. It’s just a pity that we didn’t get a chance to see the traditional media vs new media case play out in the courts.