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Olaf the Snowman Stickers now available on Facebook Messenger app

Have you watched the movie Frozen? Then I bet you love Olaf the Snowman. You can now use images of Olaf on your Facebook Messenger app simply by downloading the Disney’s Frozen sticker in the Sticker Store.

Best of all, these stickers are free.

Photo 25-11-13 2 52 54 pm

Too bad we only get Olaf. I was hoping we can have some stickers of Anna, Elas, Kristoff and his reindeer Sven.

VivoCity celebrates 7th anniversary with stunning display of fireworks

VivoCity celebrated its 7th anniversary last Thursday evening with a stunning display of fireworks.

The firework display was choreographed by Japan’s renowned Josh Tamaya from Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks Co., Ltd., best known for using advanced computerised firing systems and flawless integration of music into fireworks.







From 29 November to 8 December, be enchanted by L’imagination, a 30-minute musical extravaganza that blends visual and physical acts, illumination, as well as dance and drama. Assembled by an award-winning and internationally recognised production crew, the show is uniquely choreographed for VivoCity’s Christmas celebrations. A roster of memorable characters such as The Cleaning Lady, The Invisible Man, The White Bird, The Time Stopper, The Music Man and The Dream Weaver will interact with the crowd throughout the performance, entertaining and charming the audience right from when they enter the Amphitheatre.

Date: 29 November – 8 December 2013
Time: 8 pm – 8:30 pm (Daily, except 2 December)
Venue: VivoCity Level 3, Amphitheatre

Free Starbucks Coffee on 5 Dec 2013 (5 – 7pm)

Starbucks and The Salvation Army will be celebrating their 10th year partnership at the annual Starbucks Christmas Open House this year. Get a free tall sized Starbucks beverage from 5 – 7pm on 5 December 2013 (Thursday) when you make a donation to The Salvation Army.


Date: 5 Dec 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 5 – 7pm
Location: All Starbucks stores in Singapore

Another fake Ministry of Manpower website spotted

Two days after spotting the fake Ministry of Manpower website, the Ministry issued another statement saying that there is another fake website.

The fake website is at And they call themselves the Ministry of Workpermit. Haha.


The fake website is trying to imitate MOM’s employment practices page.


Interestingly, the domain name of the fake website was registered on 16 May 2013. Which means the site might have been there for couple of months.

I still don’t understand why SGNIC and IDA allowed people to register a .SG domain ending with ‘gov”. There should be additional checks before anyone can get a domain ending with “gov”.

LG G Flex Self Healing

LG announced a curved-screen smartphone, the LG G Flex recently. But perhaps the biggest feature of the phone is not the curved screen. The phone was coated with a “self-healing” material.


It is not scratch resistant. It is “self healing” like Wolverine from X-Men. The special material on the back of the phone allows it to recover from light scratches within minutes. Check out the video.

Very impressive. Great for those people who don’t like phone covers. No news on when the LG G Flex is coming to Singapore yet.