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DK’s Tech prediction for 2013 – Results

It’s the end of 2013. At the start of year, I made some Tech prediction for 2013. Let’s take a look at how my prediction goes.

Spoiler: I’m pretty bad at these predictions. Haha.

2013 is going to be the year of wearable computing
I won’t really call 2013 as the year of wearable computing. We do see companies like Samsung releasing their GALAXY Gear smartwatch and Sony releasing their SmartWatch 2. I was expecting more wearable computing gadget for 2013. Maybe not yet.

Apple to release a watch
Surprised that this didn’t happen.

Google Glasses will be a failure
It’s still too early to tell. When I made the prediction early this year, I was expecting Google Glass to start selling to public. I didn’t expect them to take so long. And since Google Glass isn’t available to the public, it is hard to tell if Google Glass is a success or failure.

Apple to release a Apple TV
Shocking. I thought this is a sure winner. In fact, I think a lot of tech journalists were also expecting to see the Apple TV this year. Not sure what’s taking Apple so long. Will we ever get to see the Apple TV?

Nokia to release a Windows 8 tablet
Spot on! Nokia announced the Lumia 2520 in October that runs on Windows RT 8.1. What we all didn’t expect is Microsoft buying over part of Nokia.

Microsoft to release Windows Phone 8 device
Didn’t happen. But now that Microsoft bought over Nokia, technically speaking all future Lumia phones are made by Microsoft.

Microsoft to start a video sharing/hosting service
Wrong prediction again. OK, to be honest, this is a wild guess. But when I see Google giving Microsoft problem with creating YouTube app for Windows Phone 8, I really thought it would be a good idea for Microsoft to do their own video sharing service to compete with YouTube.

Microsoft and Sony release the next generation video game console
This is an easy one since the video game console are due for a refresh. But we wouldn’t have guessed that the new Microsoft console will be called Xbox One.

RIM will license out BlackBerry 10 to another phone maker
2013 is a bad year for BlackBerry. It would have been slightly better if they managed to licensee out BlackBerry 10 to another phone maker. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Google Chrome OS gain popularity
That’s my wishful thinking. Nope, didn’t happen.

NFC starts to gain popularity
I’m actually surprised that the new iPhone didn’t have NFC. We do get more smartphone with NFC though. But sadly we didn’t see NFC services gaining popularity.

Mirrorless camera running Android
Spot on. Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy NX, a mirrorless camera running Android 4.2.

Hmmm…. I’m really bad with these Tech prediction.

Disclaimer: These predictions are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

Run For Your Lives Asia

The original zombie infested 5K obstacle course race, Run For Your Lives is coming to Asia and the first stop is going to be Singapore.

Coming all the way from US with more than 30 successful events since 2011, the event pit survivors against zombies. Runners will be donning belts worn under their waists with 3 flags that represent their lives. As they make their way through the treacherous obstacle course, they will encounter zombies who will attempt to grab these flags.


If the runners make it to the end with at least one life flag remaining, they have outmaneuvered the undead and well deserving of a coveted survivor medal. Otherwise, they can celebrate being part of the infected with a shiny new medal to confer their new status.

Run For Your Lives Asia will be happening on 11 January 2014 at the Padang with the race route going around Marina Bay Waterfront.


Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? Sign up for Run For Your Lives Asia to find out. Hurry, registration closes on 31 December 2013. Visit the Facebook page for the latest updates.

WeChat Receives Global TRUSTe Certification

WeChat announced recently that they have been certified by TRUSTe, a leading global Data Privacy Management (DPM) company that provides privacy assessments, certifications, monitoring tools, and compliance controls – one of the foremost social mobile apps (and websites) in the world to have done so.

The announcement is part of WeChat’s ongoing commitment to online privacy, transparency and consumer choice. WeChat is now one of the top mobile social communication apps in the world to receive this certification.

WeChat has built privacy measures that allow users to control who joins their friends list, views their information and manages how others can find them online. For higher security and control, users have the option to activate two-way authentication to initiate a chat, opt in and out of location-based services (LBS) function any time and to block out undesirable contacts.

TRUSTe powers trusted relationships between users and service providers. The TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal granted to WeChat and its website proves WeChat’s operation has fulfilled the comprehensive privacy certification requirements established by TRUSTe. The certification process helps to ensure that WeChat is transparent and WeChat is accountable to the practices outlined in the app’s privacy policy statement.

New exemption under Do Not Call Registry

Just one week away from the start of the Do Not Call Registry, the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) announced new exemption which allows companies to continue sending marketing messages to customers with “ongoing relationship” with the company. This exemption does not apply to voice calls.

This means that even if you have registered under the Do Not Call Registry, your credit card or insurance company can continue to send you marketing messages after 2 January 2014. The message, however, must contain an opt-out facility that the consumer can use to opt out from future messages by the organisation.

In short, registering under the Do Not Call Registry does not stop you from receiving marketing messages completely. You will still need to individually opt-out of messages from companies which you have “ongoing relationship” with. Perhaps the only saving grace is that companies cannot call you once you are on the Do Not Call Registry.

This last minute addition of the new exemption came as a surprise to many people. The exemption will benefit companies as they don’t need to verify their existing customers with the DNC Registry. However, it dilute the purpose and intention of the DNC Registry for consumers.

One Direction named MTV’s Stars of 2013

MTV has crowned One Direction MTV’s Stars of 2013, after the unstoppable UK boy-band chalked up an astounding 40.8 million votes in the inaugural international #MTVstars social media campaign to edge out US pop idol Justin Bieber, whose fans registered an impressive 40.5 million votes. The results of the #MTVstars Twitter vote were announced on social media recently.


The competition was close up to the very end, with the global pop powerhouses neck and neck on the leaderboard throughout the month-long social media campaign, which saw over 117 million votes flood in from around the world via Twitter.

Throughout the month-long MTV’s Stars of 2013 activation, MTV gave fans around the world the chance to have their say and vote for the best and biggest musical acts of the year with the #MTVstars social campaign. Music fans cast votes in their tens of millions using the name of their favourite artist and the hashtag #MTVstars, which was a trending topic in 127 locations around the world and registered an astonishing 50,000 tweets per minute.

Other global superstars rounding out the top 10 of MTV’s Stars of 2013 were Ke$ha, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Wanted, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Little Mix.

MTV’s international channels and online platforms dedicated the month of December to celebrating the brightest music stars of 2013 with a special programming line-up featuring brand new concert performances from today’s hottest artists, new music specials, in addition to the #MTVStars social campaign. Every Friday night throughout December, MTV’s Stars of 2013 is providing fans around the world with exclusive access to the biggest names in music through the renowned live music franchise MTV World Stage and music programs such as the extended deluxe edition of tell-all documentary “Miley: The Movement.” The month will be crowned with MTV’s official countdown special*, “MTV’s Biggest Music Moments of 2013”, revisiting the year’s most talked about music moments.