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Fireworks at River Hong Bao 2014

I’m always busy on Chinese New Year eve doing last minute preparation and spring cleaning for CNY. But surprisingly I managed to finish everything early this year. So I grab my camera gears and rush down to The Float@Marina Bay to meet GengHui and shoot the CNY fireworks at the River Hong Bao.

Unlike National Day Parade and New Year Eve, there aren’t a lot of photographers and crowd for the Chinese New Year fireworks. I guess most people are at home or at Chinatown. We manage to find a good spot with some lanterns as foreground. This is the first time I shoot fireworks with something in the foreground. Love the results.


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Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore salute Singapore’s designated drivers

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APB Singapore) is giving thanks and recognition to taxi drivers in Singapore whom have gone the extra mile to bring party goers home safely and to prevent drink-driving. In a collaboration with the National Taxi Association (NTA) and Cheers Holdings, APB Singapore will offer 3000 set of snacks to taxi drivers.

Car decals that call out “We Salute Singapore’s Designated Drivers” will also be presented to 3000 taxi drivers as a mark of appreciation.

Mr Gerald Chan Kim Guan, President of National Taxi Association with Ms Susan Lim Ha Eng, Executive Committee Member of National Taxi Association

To further raise public awareness about anti-drink-drive and to engage members of the public in this initiative, the first five people to spot the “We Salute Singapore’s Designated Driver” car decal and upload a photo of it via #dontdrive2drink on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will stand to win taxi vouchers worth S$100 each.

APB Singapore is also giving away two Sony PlayStation 4 for the most liked and shared submission to #dontdrive2drink. Visit the website for more information.

Nokia Lumia 1020 wants to replace the DSLR

Check out this advertisement by Nokia for the Lumia 1020.

OK, there is no doubt that the Lumia 1020 has a good camera. But replace the DSLR? No way. I know it has 41 megapixel. But we all know that it is no longer a megapixel game. The quality of the image also depends on the size of the sensor and quality of the lens. There is no way a tiny camera phone sensor can match a DSLR sensor.

I know there is a saying that the best camera is the one that’s with you. But whenever possible, I’ll try to bring my DSLR along because if I have both my DSLR and my camera phone with me, the DSLR is the clear winner. Just because the camera phone is portable and always with you doesn’t mean it can replace your DSLR.

So no matter how good the camera is, there is no way the Lumia 1020 can replace a DSLR. Come on Nokia, surely you can do better than this. And who uses a telephoto lens to shoot portrait shots like this?


Saddleback Leather designer teach pirates how to knock off his bags

Check out this video by Saddleback Leather designer on how to knock off his luxury bag. No no no…. the designer haven’t gone bonkers yet. In fact, this is a great marketing video to tell people why they should buy the original product.

Well played…

A bra that only unhook if she’s “in love”

Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour has developed a bra that unhook itself when the wearer is “in love” as part of its 10th year anniversary.

The bra contains a heart-rate sensor and sends the data it collects, via Bluetooth, to a app on a Smartphone. The app analyse the data to determine if the wearer is “in love”. If the wearer is “in love”, the bra will unhook itself.


Unfortunately, the bra is not for sale yet. But hey, this looks like some cool high tech bedroom toy.

The only thing that is missing here is Achievement Badges for people who successfully unhook the bra. Haha. Just kidding.